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WPML is a plugin to build multilingual WordPress websites. It is not free software. I haven’t tested it and I haven’t read anything about it like reviews, but as a note to self since I was into multilanuage websites in the past until I settled on the Google Translator….See side collumn. Light and easy and everybody understands it is a machine translation with errors. I don’t have to be blamed for text as if I did the translation. …

Prosit 2019

Almost every Wednesday morning you can find me in Cafe Van Beek in the City Hall of The Hague where a couple of Photographers who know each other from Flickr meet to have a Coffee and chat a bit about Photography and everything else. The first Wednesday of 2019 we toasted with a Dutch Gin or Genever to celebrate a Happy New Year for 2019.

Update: Hah and Anoek (The Boss) has borrowed this photo…..

Happy Moo Year

Happy Moo Year

The second post in a series I started yesterday: Photo of the Day. The idea is to publish more of my photos, albeit fresh albeit from my huge digital archive. This photo dates from 2014 when I skied few days in Grossarl, a little town in Austria where they had a statue of a Horse and a statue of a Cow on the roof of the restaurant next to the mountain station of the cable car that brings you from Grossarl to the ski region above it.

City Hall The Hague

City Hall The Hague

For 2019 I have decided to publish more of my photo’s albeit relevant or not so relevant. This photo was taken in June 2018 while a fence hid the building site of the new neighbour of The Hague’s City Hall. The new Music annex Dance Theater annex Music School of The Hague. The neighbour will be less white than the Ice Palace as is the local term for the City Hall.

Update: And I have created a special Category for it: Photo of the Day.

I’m a Fat House by Erwin Wurm

I'm a Fat House

I’m posting this for various reasons today:

  1. It is well past an anniversary of Happy Hotelier.
  2. I must learn again to post more and lighter stuff. Stay tuned!