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Lost under the Hood - Tim Street / French Maid TV

Why I got lost under the hood of computers, software and camera’s the last couple of weeks which prevented me from churning out many new blog posts that I have in my sleeve:

  • I upgraded to WordPress 2.8, but had to upgrade to Thesis 1.5.1. first. I just had installed Thesis 1.5 last month on the recommendation of fellow travel bloggers Todd Lucier and Darren Cronian.
    In upgrading to Thesis 1.5,1 I lost a lot of my Thesis 1.5 settings. It seemed to be a bug somewhere, but I couldn’t pinpoint where and lost a lot of time getting the blog in order once more.
  • For future reference I’m listing some bloggers that use the Thesis Theme and give good advice on the ins and outs:
  • And Some Travel Bloggers who use Thesis:
  • I’m trying to really understand SEO for bloggers … a bit cumbersome. Time consuming reading. However i did install a robots.txt file for both my blogs and the Sitemap generator Plugin is now working correctly…
  • During a thunderstorm I closed my office server down. It had been running year after year under Novell Netware 5.
    I was prepared for this happening: A brand new server which was already loaded with Netware 6.5 stood ready for the occasion. One tiny problem: It appeared that I needed to redo the login scripting…having some special needs as I still rely on some DOS programs – not solved yet….
    Meanwhile I succeeded to lose all my Windows XP settings for e-mail, site logons and so on. Although I have reasonable backups…the backups of my settings just didn’t work. Lesson learned: Do operate as a separate user under Windows XP without administrator permissions: Once you change an XP administrator’s password (I was only hitting a password sync button in the Netware login screen that did not give the usual XP warning) all his settings are lost. Darn! A lot of time to reconnect e-mail accounts….login passwords….sites…etcetera.
  • Some hard disks are getting full. Dire need for some time consuming reshuffling
  • Next week I’ll act as a wedding photographer. While trying some lenses and new flashcards it turned out that inadvertently I had obtained not working white label flashcards for my camera’s. Yesterday was Veterans’Day in The Hague. I lost approx 180 photos I took.
  • In preparation for that same wedding shoot I’m also struggling uphill to understand PhotoShop better than I did.
  • Have had some discussions with Tripadvisor as to why some guest reviews did not appear on their site. Wanted to report about that, but didn’t have time (yet?). Why would I actually want to have any reviews there?
  • I was invited by e-mail to attend the opening of The Hermitage Openening in Amsterdam. I Filed the form they required to get a ticked, but never got the ticket…alas.
  • Then there is that discussion again about the Dying Blogs: in the Guardian by Charles Arthur by Shiny Shiny and by Copy Blogger

Deep Sigh…continuing struggling…and maybe updating this…

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5 thoughts on “Lost under the Hood”

  1. Glad you were able to get everything up and running again. I just upgraded WordPress & Thesis across 5 blogs, so I know about the settings issue =)

    I really do like Thesis as a theme though – just upgraded to the Developer’s option and deployed it across a bunch of new blogs I’m setting up. I find it easy to customize, and the SEO options are helpful. Thanks for introducing me to it…

  2. @Josiah
    Glad you like it! Am also considering updating, but find it kind of strange that my other blog after updating from ye old WordPress 2.6 started to fly with the standard WP theme and the all in one SEO plugin ….so I am a little bit in doubt whether SEO of Thesis can beat it….

  3. Hi Guido,
    Thanks for mentioning My Itchy Travel Feet. Yes, just like you, I’ve been tinkering underneath my blog’s hood activating many of the great options that Thesis offers. Since I switched from WordPress.com to a self-hosted blog, every task I attempt has a steep learning curve. Mine will be a long process as there’s still much to do. But, the blog must go in with new posts too. Hard to keep up with it all. Looks like you are getting off to a good start with your design changes.
    Happy Tinkering,
    Donna Hull

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