Yes! The Dutch, err Frisians, Do Have Beautiful Girls!

Doetzen Kroes
Doutzen Kroes, Dutch (Frisian) Top Model

If you live in The Netherlands, you are so used to the beauty of our Dutch ladies, that you tend pass them by without even noticing their beauty. It happens to me, although I use to brag having a keen eye for female beauty with my fair share of a beautiful wife, two beautiful daughters and a number of photo shoots in my small hotel with likewise very nice photo models.

So it is great getting an eye opener via Dutch News that featured:

Friesian model Doutzen Kroes (23) is the fifth best paid model in the world, earning €3.8m in 2007, according to Forbes magazine. The top earner is Brazile’s Gisele Bunchen who earned $ 22.4m.

As an aside: I did it automatically: writing Frisian, and not Friesian. Why? because a Friesian is a type of horse bred in Friesland.

Also thank you for this Eye Opener Forbes with your top 15 list of models’ earnings:

Doutzen Kroes

$1.5 million

The Dutch model, 22, rapidly rose through the pages of Vogue, where she’s been featured in the last three issues (including the May cover). She’s also bagged contracts with Calvin Klein’s Eternity fragrance and L’Oreal.

Just a thought for the the (French based) Michelin Guide: They should start giving stars to countries on the basis of their womans’ beauty. Most certainly The Netherlands would end up with three stars, meaning: The Netherlands is worth a trip solely to enjoy the Beauty of its woman!

3 thoughts on “Yes! The Dutch, err Frisians, Do Have Beautiful Girls!”

  1. dutch women are beautiful (a little tall though!!)

    Did you enjoy queen’s day? I didn’t know you were based out of holland.


  2. Dutch girls are only too tall for men who can’t deal with it. I was always told that Icelandic women were the prettiest. Then I met a Friesian girl and found out out just how wrong I was. She is tall…blond…blue eyed…robust…gorgeous…amazing….

  3. A rating system for the Michelin Guide would never work due to the determination of who has the most beautiful women being to subjective.

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