Preparing for the T-List – PhocusWright Blogger Summit #ITB09


Its official: I received my badge:


Hence I’m an officially “Approved Blogger” and may attend the second Tips from the T-List – PhocusWright Blogger Summit At ITB 2009 in Berlin.

Here below is the provisional list of Bloggers who will attend.

I took this provisional list from the PhocusWright site, but had to edit it heavily, as it appeared that a typo monkey had inadvertently inserted a certain link over 80 times into this page….maybe someone was being paid in kind for his speaking at the summit.

Many new faces to meet. Am looking forward to it.

Many new faces from the German language scene, which is a good thing as they have a circuit of their own and it is time to have them connect to the outside world.

For me it is necessary to do some research on the new faces as I’m planning to take a lot of photos like last year and to publish them more timely than last year. Yes I can!

  1. Kurt Ackermann • AFRIKATOURISM • South Africa and @kurt_a
  2. Michael Fabert • EXPIBLOG.DE • Germany
  3. Klaus Hildebrandt • FVW • Germany and and @fvwde
  4. Martin Stoll • GOSEETELL • United States
  5. Guido J. van den Elshout • HAPPY HOTELIER • The Netherlands
  6. Josiah Mackenzie • HOTEL MARKETING STRATEGIES • United States
  7. Stefan Niemeyer • HOTELMARKETINGBLOG • Germany
  8. Bianca Spalteholz • HOTELMARKETINGBLOG • Germany
  9. Claude Benard • HOTELITOUR • France, who couldn’t make it at last.
  10. Richard Brower • IGLTA TRAVEL & NEWS • United States
  11. Jared Salter • JOOBILI • Hungary
  12. Claus Weber • KINKAA • Germany
  13. Goetz A. Primke • LE GOURMAND • Germany
  14. Olivier Dujardin • MAX MANAGEMENT • Belgium and of @maxmanagement
  15. Nando Llorella • MEGUSTAELTURISMO • Spain
  16. Vasco Sommer-Nunes • MOKONOGermany
  17. Madlen Ehrlich • MTI BLOG • Germany
  18. Alex Bainbridge • MUSINGS ON TRAVEL ECOMMERCE • England, who recently Twittered that he is NOT COMING
  19. Chris Noble • NEWS OF THE WORLD (NOMADS) • Australia
  20. Abbas Nokhasteh • OPENVIZOR • England
  21. Martin Schobert • OSTERREICH WERBUNG • Austria and of
  22. Timothy O’Neil-Dunne • THE PROFESSOR’S WISDOM • United States
  23. Ludolf Stavenga • REISPORTALS • The Netherlands
  24. Detlef Meyer • ROUNDTRIP • Germany
  25. Aron Hohl • SEE U IN HUNGARY • Hungary
  26. Jens Thraenhart • TOURISM INTERNET MARKETING • Canada
  27. Phil Caines • TOURISM TIDE • Canada
  28. Daniel Amersdorffer • TOURISMUSZUKUNFT • Germany @Daniel_Amer
  29. Florian Bauhuber • TOURISMUSZUKUNFT • Germany
  30. Jens Oellrich • TOURISMUSZUKUNFT • Germany and at @Jens_Oellrich
  31. Stephen Budd • TRACKING TOURISM • Scotland
  32. Ben Colclough • THE TRAILBEATER •England
  34. Pablo Alvarez • TRAVEL INNOVATION • Spain
  35. Darren Cronian •Travel-Rants.Com • England
  36. Norm Rose • TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY • United States
  37. Adrian Matt • TRAVELBRAIN • Switzerland
  38. Sam Daams • co founder of TRAVELLERSPOINT and Sam I Am • Norway and at @SamDaams
  39. Kevin May • TRAVOLUTION BLOG • England and of @Travolution
  40. Uwe Frers • TRIPSBYTIPS • Germany
  41. Lukas Zinnagl • TRIPWOLF • Austria
  42. Juan Pablo Paradelo • TURISMO RURAL BLOG • Argentina
  43. Ed Wohlfahrt • ED WOHLFAHRT • Austria
  44. Reinhard Lanner • WORKERS ON THE FIELD • Austria
  45. Patrick Landman • XOTELS • Spain, who I didn’t see at all.

Ah and I found back the Youtube footage of an interview with me last year that Phil kindly produced. I have pasted it now in my About page. It needs some more views:-)

Notes to Self

  • Book Hotel
    Yes I know. I announced that I would prebook one of the Motels one, but as usual I’m late and that has nothing to do with the fact that I am usually late, but with the fact that I have to plan around our guests and never know on beforehand how many guests I have to leave in the very capable hands of my DW and our dear Back up
  • Try to get exception to drive in Berlin for the limo
  • Formulate some hard questions for the bloggers community…

8 thoughts on “Preparing for the T-List – PhocusWright Blogger Summit #ITB09”

  1. “that a typo monkey had inadvertently inserted a certain link over 80 times into this page….maybe someone was being paid in kind for his speaking at the summit.”

    Guido, I’m not sure if you were joking in this post, but even so I do not appreciate being accused of getting paid in links for my appearance at an event.. I suspect the HTML was messed up somehow, no idea why my URL appears so many times in the source code.

    Maybe you should check your facts before saying such things?

  2. Well Guido, I didn’t take it as a joke, I am not a coder so I have no idea why that would happen. A lesson here is don’t blog about something without knowing your facts (something I learnt a while back) – accusing me of taking links in return for speaking at the summit is not in very good taste.

    Apology accepted though 🙂

  3. @Darren
    I was joking, off course, but with a bit serious undertone. I was not accusing you. I certainly didn’t want to upset you. I apologize if I did upset you.

    Only those who would have a serious look into the source code would be able to pinpoint you. I don’t expect many of my readers would do that. They would also notice that you were not the only one with more than one link. It is obvious that it is not you who would have a hand in that.

    If you prefer I’ll rephrase and change your comment as by your comment the link to you is now in the open.

    The fact is that there are many superfluous links in that page. And that is the bit serious undertone and the reason I made the comment, because I’m a bit surprised a serious and well respected organization as PhocusWright does that, probably inadvertently. It also demonstrates that you cannot be too careful with editing and coding when you publish something on the world wide web.

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