Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

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Anyone reading this blog or commenting on this blog or using it otherwise implicitly agrees to these rules of engagement, regardless of whether they have been read or not.

Aplicable Law
This blog is published in the Netherlands and as such is only subject to the Laws of The Kingdom of The Netherlands in Europe. No other law, neither any other forum of law than courts having jurisdiction in The Netherlands will be accepted.

The blog is published in the English language by a Dutchman whose native language is Dutch. He tries to adhere to the American spelling habits of the English language, but it is possible that he makes errors both in language and in spelling, because he has not enough knowledge of the English language. He apologizes in advance for such errors, but doesn’t accept responsibility for such errors except to the extent he refuses expressly to adjust errors within a reasonable time after being put on notice.

Also a caveat that both in the past and in the future the blog used and will use plugins that automatically translate content of the blog into other languages than the English language. As those translations are and will be computer generated translations by third parties the publisher doesn’t accept any responsibility of the consequences.

Non Commercial
Unless indicated otherwise the publisher does not get paid for this blog or any post. The blog is published as a hobby of the author and/or publisher. The author makes his contributions voluntarily and without any monetary compensation.

Link Policy
The fact that this blog links in posts or pages to a certain website or photo or picture does not mean that the blog or its author(s) condone(s) any statement or activity by the website linked to.

Comment Policy
The site owner retains the full right to moderate, adjust, delete from, add to, or otherwise edit any comment at his sole discretion and to remove any comment including, but not limited to, comments that contain:

  • Personal attacks or insults.
  • Material which defames (slanders), abuses or threatens others.
  • Statements or implications that are bigoted, hateful or racially offensive.
  • Material that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with or without the intent to commit them.
  • Material with the sole intent of eliciting negative responses (flaming).
  • Rumors concerning the private lives of those who comment or of other persons, when such knowledge is not public record. This includes a person’s academic, vocational, financial status and other private matters that should not be discussed in public.
  • Baseless criticisms. Constructive criticisms is in principal acceptable, but general criticism of applications, organizations, or persons will not be tolerated, particularly individual persons.
  • Excessive numbers of comments.
  • “Pot-stirring,” or trying to be the center of controversy. If the comment is made in a fashion that otherwise abides by the Rules of Engagement, but which may raise the ire of the readers.
  • (Links to) Unauthorized copyrighted material, including such items as scans of copyrighted material or posts of subscription-based web articles/forums.
  • Material that contains vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images, including posting vulgar words with characters or abbreviations implying such language or images.
  • Religious profanities.
  • (Links to) Embedded pictures that are not tolerable or links to sites that are not tolerable. Other suggestive pictures and links to inappropriate web sites may also be deleted.
  • Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation. This includes links to commercial web sites posted by individuals who are affiliated with said web site and are seeking to direct traffic to their web site from this blog.
  • Links to websites when a link link is not required for the discussion.
  • Content that is off topic.
  • Content the author(s) do(oes) not like.

Comments which violate the above terms will be deleted upon discovery without warning or discussion.

The fact that this blog publishes a comment does not mean that the blog or its author(s) condone(s) any statement or link provided by the person who posted the comment.

Copyrights from third parties

Happy Hotelier uses  own work of the author as much as possible.

If work is used made by, or derived from, third parties, this will be mentioned as much as possible and the maker will be mentioned if the maker is known. For a volunteer blog without its own funds such as Happy Hotelier, it is not possible to always find the beneficiary of a certain copyright protected work.

Happy Hotelier cannot and will not pay for any copyright protected work.

The standard procedure is that when objections are made against the use of copyrighted work by Happy Hotelier, the work involved will be removed from the publication (or the contribution) within a reasonable time after the objection has been received.

These rules apply from the start of the blog and can be adjusted from time to time.

If you would like to comment to these rules of engagement, please do so as a comment to the post introducing these rules of engagement.