Prepare Your own Thai Curry Paste

Food is one of the subjects next to photography to continue with this blog.

Recently I got Thai Food infected by a very enthousiast niece who did an Internship in Bangkok for 6 months and loves Thai food. So I bought the Dutch translation of Thai Food and Cooking by Judy Bastyra and Becky Johnson.

A US reviewer wrote on Amazon:

This lovely book is artfully produced, with 2-3 attractive photographs per recipe, both of the food prep and the finished product.

This isn’t just a cookbook. It is a primer on Thai history, cooking techniques, ingredients, equipment, and more, with over 60 non-recipe pages.

The recipes are given both in metric and US measurements. For example: 900 ml / 1 1/2 pints / 3 3/4 cups vegetable stock.

The recipes are explained with clarity, so that even if one is unfamiliar with the dish, it’s easy to follow the instructions.

This book will help you produce beautiful, interesting, simple, delicious Thai meals.

I tried a recipe for a red Curry with shrimps and tempeh using a ready made red curry paste from an asian supermarket… Delicious and quickly prepared… Alas the book has no recipes to make your own paste. According to some people you should taste your own home made Thai curry paste. So I did some online research.

Just want to share the blog from Char, called Woks and Skillets, with 3 easy to make Thai Curry pasts:

  1. Thai Red Curry Paste
  2. Thai Yellow Curry Paste, and
  3. Thai Green Curry Paste


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