Some 20+ random Tips for Twittaholics

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Twittoholics ?

Some claim Twitter is already over its top and some say it’s going to eat Google now that it has its own search facility…..I don’t know, but I do see Twitter becoming an ever growing source of (travel) information and (travel) inspiration for travelers and for myself in particular. So probably I’m a Twittoholic already.

Some 20+ Random Tips, Lists and Tools for Twittaholics

I’ve been looking around a bit, because as soon as you hit the magic 2000 Twitter cap – the number of people you can follow without Twitter blocking you until, as I understand it correctly, you have at least 90% of 2000, or more than 1800 followers yourself-, you will have to make decisions about who to follow and who not to follow on Twitter. In addition, the more followers you are getting, the more difficult it becomes to pinpoint a certain person if you want to share a certain piece of information with that person.

I’ve started to try and make my own Twitter Followers page manually by simply copying and pasting code from my followers page on Twitter. However I found out very soon that to be too time consuming. So I’ve looked for alternative ways to get some overview on Twitter. Better alternatives to get that overview is Friend or Follow (number 17 of the list) or Twitter Karma (number 11 of the list):

Not in a particular order, more in my usual hap snap way, here are some of my findings for you:

  1. If you’re new to Twitter look at this short video introduction: Twitter Introduction.
  2. Mashable posted Twitter Toolbox 60+Tools and Twittermania: 140+ More Twitter Tools! and more on the Twitter Tools subject.
  3. i-Stuff… Interesting Stuff that Matters: Twitter has an ample series of posts about Twitter Tools with annotations.
  4. If you’re interested in the Top 100 Dutch Twitterati, you can find them at Top 100 Twittergids NL.
  5. The Dutch site Twittergids is helpful anyway to pinpoint Dutch Twitterati in several categories. In its Travel Section I occupy the second position for the moment.
  6. Kevin Rose posted 10 tips 10 Ways to increase your Twitter Following recently.
  7. The post Dirty Secret Increase Followers Twitter also has some good tips. There I found the best balancing tool to balance those who follow you and those you are following: Less Friends Com.
  8. Kidtech Guru published a list of top 3 Twitterati in various countries
  9. Ouside my Brain listed some of the funniest Tweets he knows.
  10. Then you have the “real” Twittaholic with 1,000 top Twitterati. A list I’m not (yet:-)) on.
  11. Twitter Karma does it for me for the moment as it gives you a quick overview of the Followers and those you are Following with an option to block follow or block unfollow.
  12. WeFollow is the latest trend. Seems to be a start up of one of the guys behind Digg. I proudly Twittered that I was number one under their Hotel tag, but was soon repositioned as the number 2:-). Its Hotelier tag counts only 3 hoteliers Its Travel tag presently counts 79 pages with 1,963 Travel Twitterati
  13. Maybe interested in the Austrian Top 100? I am. I found a cool cook there.
  14. Amsterdam Based Twitter Counter can be useful.
  15. With FriendorFollow you get a quick overview of your followers or those you follow. For balancing it is less handy than Karma because you’ll have to manually follow of unfollow.
  16. Twitter Grader is another useful ranking tool to monitor your fellow Twitterati On its Dutch List I’m number 36 today
  17. Tweetscan is fine
  18. See my next post: Give you beloved one a pc and teach him/her to Tweet, you might keep your relation in tact:-)
  19. Tweepi seems a decent tool to more or less mass unfollow people. I found it at Mashable in their Spring Cleaning post.
  20. Top 50 Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools For further reference.

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