In Action at the 2009 Dutch Bloggies Awards Gala

Happy Hotelier in Action at 2009 Dutch Bloggies Awards

The guy, Roelof de Vries of 360 Foto, who took the amazing dizzying 360 Degree shots from which I took this cutting was standing next to me when I was taking photos of the 2009 Dutch Bloggies Awards Gala.
Probably I was standing in his way while wondering about him using his tripod, until I saw the result over at the Dutch Bloggies site.

I had a special interest to go and see the Awards, because it was only 5 minutes away from where I live and work in The Hague. It was sponsored by The Hague. But most importantly my significant other blog Chair blog had made it into the final 5 from which the jury choose the winning blog in the category Art, Culture and Entertainment blogs of the Dutch Bloggies. I must admit this nerd was a bit excited albeit skeptical.

Here is the complete Awards List at Dutch Bloggies. I do hope they complete the short lists of all categories.

The Winner NRCNext.NL of the over all award choose this photo as their award portrait.

NRCNEXT NL Wins 2009 Dutch Bloggies over all Award

And my direct competitor and winner in the category Art, Culture and Entertainment blogs, Mick! choose several among which:

I’ve given priority to uploading my photo stream and have now to run to do some hotel duties before I can flesh out my observations.

In the meantime do head overt to my Flickr set 2009 Dutch Bloggies Awards in The Hague and please do help me people tag those Dutch Blogging Nerds.

More to follow!

8 thoughts on “In Action at the 2009 Dutch Bloggies Awards Gala”

  1. Hahhaaha!
    Thanks for your reactions! ­čÖé
    And indeed; I saw you, but you made photo’s on the other corner.
    I stood on the left side of the podium and you were on the right side.
    Hope next year it’s better; 2007 was top I think.

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