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Note I lost this page somewhere in 2015 and found it back again in sept 2016. Have to work out some details…and errors

A page about Travel Bloggers (T-List) and Luxury Bloggers (L-List)

If you scroll down You will see I have managsed to incorparate the list here via a very simple I Frame Plugin

This page is an ongoing process.It is my effort to create a travel blogging community that really communicates in a direct way with each other rather than in an indirect way via comments to each other’s posts.

What is the T-List?

The T-List (T stands for Travel) is basically a collection of travel blogs on the Internet that was first compiled by Mathieu Ouellet of Radar, a Blog about Internet Strategy for Tourism and Travel Industry in March 2006 (Radar) with just a handful of blogs. It was born out of the desire to see what other travel blogs are out there. The list grew very rapidly, as it was a way for bloggers to get exposure, to increase traffic, and also a first step to get connected with each other.

In July 2006, Jens Thraenhart decided to leverage Facebook as a potential platform to build a community of travel-related bloggers (http://tourisminternetmarketing.com). The list grew and became almost too big.

Then Kevin May finally decided to publish the Recommended T-List (http://travolution. blogspot.com/), that made a bit more accessible.

The T-List here at Happy Hotelier

From when it was launched I tried to keep track of all the Travel related Blogs that were added to the list on this page. So it is not my list, but an ongoing and growing list where many have contributed and still contribute.

The deli.icio.us phase
At first I used a script from deli.icio.us. I could tag additions in My deli.icio.us. The script produced my tags here in alphabetical order.
The problem was that the script only allowed 100 entries to be imported here. To circumvent that I started a second list, the TB-List on deli.icio.us. Both lists were on this page, but not everybody understood how it worked and I didn’t want to create a third list, a “TC-List”.

Guillaumes lists
In the meantime Guillaume started to post on a more or less regular basis the ranking according to technorati. I combined the two lists into one tabled list.

See for more history my T-List Category

The November 2, 2008 update of the list in sortable form can be found here: Sortable T-List November 2. I don’t know yet how to incorporate it in a blog post (still testing!) Found a way of presenting it here:

The L-List
Shortly after the T-List, Paul Johnson of A Luxury Travel Blog Introduced the L-List. In a prior version of this page there was a Logo, but I didn’t like it anyway. Then del.icio.us changed its web design and I lost the L-List somehow, but I’ve reinstalled it her on November 8, 2008:

Weekend Hotels

26 thoughts on “T-List and L-List”

  1. Thank you for the update, Guido. I had no idea that participation in the L-List had grown that much already… that’s great to see.

  2. Thanks for coming by Ken

    Show your T-list or RSS feed list of travel blogs, on your Blog and certainly I can oblige

  3. Hey…
    this is indeed a den of so many like minded people…i always come up to happy hotelier for checking up hotel updates and the l-list is another means of invitation here.
    even i have a luxury blog callled http://www.elitechoice.org/ , I am adding you in my blogroll and would also request you to add me in the list and also in your blogroll so that we can keep in touch.

  4. Hello Guido –

    Claude suggested I contact you about importing the T-List (and possibly the L-List) into our new travel blog search widget. We designed the widget to help plan trips and find information from all the great travel blogs. The T-List is very comprehensive and we would like to include it in the database. Please visit and let me know what you think. We have a T-List post from December 7, and will provide an update post about the widget with these new sites.


  5. Hi Guido, Thanks for all your hard work. I know my blog Tracking Tourism got missed out before, but given that people are sensibly looking to import your list, is possible to add it in at some point? I feel cheeky to ask, given I know you are giving up your time to do this! The technorati rating is currently 20, up from 12 in November and 17 in December. Many thanks again, Vicky

  6. Hi Vicky

    Don’t feel cheeky. I am a bit embarrassed I left you out…

    I Have added you to the TB Deli Icio us list so you are on the page.

    It is a bit messy messing copying and pasting or adding to the list and now I am working on a dynamic list. You see that the list on this page outruns the borders of the body so in IE it is better readable than in other browsers…

    However that means a lot of rummaging around in Dreamweaver and a steep learning curve..

    I ‘ll let you know when I have finished.

  7. Hi Guido:
    I’m a fairly new reader, as I was introduced to you through the Travelblog Carnival. I appreciate being included on your T-List, but I have one question. I see that my site, holeinthedonut.com, is shown as N-OK with respect to Technorati, yet I have an active Technorati account and have successfully claimed my blog. What exactly does the N-OK mean, and is there something more I need to do with Technorati? Thanks for any help you can provide; I do enjoy yor blog.

  8. Hi (fellow) Gray Hair Girl,

    I checked it and now it seems ok with today indicating 16 blogs referring to you the last 180 days. When I earlier checked it, it seemed not Ok. The reason could also be glitches on the side of Technorati, so don’t worry. In an update it will be ok. Don’t know when the update will be. It is very time consuming and gobbles up a lot of space….coming to think of it I will publish in the beginning of March shortly before the Berlin Bloggers get together.

  9. I love your blog! Thank you for finding all sorts of great hotels I’d like to try.

    I’d like to to refer you to my travel blog for couples, Travels With Two http://www.travelswithtwo.com/. If you like what you see, would you consider either adding my link to the T-List or a plain, old-fashioned reciprocal link?

    I appreciate your consideration, and feel lucky to have found your site!

  10. Hi there, an outstanding and ongoing effort you have here. You ought to be congratulated for it. I wonder if you could amend some of the details of my blogs listed here (they all contain some minor mistake of one kind or another).
    133. Blog de São Paulo. The country is actually Brazil. The rest is correct.
    119. Brazil Travel Blog. The language is English. The rest is correct.
    75. De viaje a Brasil. The language is Spanish. The rest is correct.

    All the best!

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