Winding Down from the T-List – PhocusWright Travel Blogger Summit #ITB09 in Berlin part 3 – Final

Many new and many familiar faces and a lot/too much to digest and cover here.

As a wrap up I’ll give you in this last post some photos and some links of fellow bloggers covering the summit:

Ludolf Stavinga of the Dutch language blog Reisportals reported partly in Dutch and partly in English:
  • PhocusWright itb09 Tweetdeck 7 Scenes 4 M’s
  • PhoCusWright ITB 2009: social media guy, hyperlocal, twitchhiker
  • Travellr Nieuwe Site met Vraag en Antwoord
Kevin May of the Travolution Blog did a good job as usual:
Stephen Bud (l) and Vicky Brock (r) of Tracking Tourism: The Tourism Research Blog:
  • ITB Berlin, A Flavour of Day One
  • A testament to testing: ITB day 2
Josiah Mackenzie of Hotel Marketing Strategies Blog did a great a job covering the summit:
  • Live Coverage of PhocusWright 2009 Begins Tomorrow
  • PhoCusWright@ITB: Travel & The Semantic Web
  • PhoCusWright@ITB: Selling Luxury Boutique Hotels
  • Cool Start Up 7 Scenes
Olivier Dujardin of the Blegian Dutch Language blog MAX MANAGEMENT, and @maxmanagement:
  • Het verhaal achter Hotel Website Mr and Mrs Smith
  • PhocusWright itb Conferentie (Day2)
  • PhocusWright itb Conferentie (day 1)

Olivier has found a nifty tool to wrap your Twitter stream for publication. It’s only disadvantage is that you have to intsll it before you start Twittering and have to specify who will be in the wrap…

Darren Cronian’s TravelRant’s posts:
  • My consumer thoughts on the PhoCusWright ITB conference
  • Sat in the Spotlight on the Travel Bloggers summit panel

My Twitter Award for this summit goes to:

Kayt Sukel of Travel Savvy Mom and @TravelSavvyKayt

Who Twittered best at this summit and took wonderful photographs at the same time.

I found a couple of posts from author’s I have no photos of:

A pity I cannot could find a only one post from

Martin Schobert (l) of the Austrian Tourist Board site Kulinarische Reisen who was on two panels, on one of which he was dressed very aptly in a Trachten jacket

On his significant other Blog: Austria Tourismus Blogger Meeting – Phocuswright Berlin

who made my day with this huge compliment:


To all I didn’t mention here:
It was a pleasure to meet you! You all Rock!

Lesson for me as a hotelier? Keep focused on 6 C’s:

  1. Be Creative,
  2. Keep or get into Contact with your guests whenever possible,
  3. Connect as much as possible with your guests,
  4. by providing as much Content, as possible
  5. Do provide the Content within it’s own Context (i.e. offering the right information (content) at the right time, thanks @Joebertl), and
  6. keep thinking of ways to Convert lookers into bookers.

7 thoughts on “Winding Down from the T-List – PhocusWright Travel Blogger Summit #ITB09 in Berlin part 3 – Final”

  1. Bonjour Guido,

    I love your 6 C’s

    We can add another one C :
    Continu to keep in touch with your guest after their stay 😉



  2. @Josiah
    If you click through via the photos to my Flickr account you can find the details:
    A Canon Eos 30D with in this case a 2.8 50-150 mm Sigma (actually the equivalent of 75-225 mm) zoom lens. I have a bag full of lenses.
    Some (not one of the above) I take with a Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ 25

  3. Hi Guido,

    Great Content, I still need to get all of my pictures and reviews online. Time is flying quickly, strange to think this was already 3 weeks ago!

    A pleasure as always,

  4. Hey Guido,

    I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to attend this year. Thanks for the pix and links. Also your 6, 7, 8 C’s, they’re great! You don’t mind if I quote you in the Canadian Tourism Blog, do you? I look forward to ITB 2010. Will try to make it then (and perhaps plan a side trip to the Hague)


  5. Hi,
    Nice wrap up and pix 🙂
    It was a great event and ,if not sooner, see u @ITB2010 :-).

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