Goodbye Summer Time, It’s Halloween Time!

Goodbye Summer Time, It’s Halloween Time!

On Foody Blog Endless Simmering, I found their best

10 Crazy Halloween Cakes and

Top 10 Crazy Halloween Recipes

I picked the 6 best from both:

Witches Fingers:

Witches Fingers
Witches Fingers by Las Vegas Food Adventures

Mummy Meatloaf:

Mummy Meatloaf
Mummy Meatloaf by Family Corner

Morning Mummies:

Morning Mummies
Morning Mummies by Holly Klein

BlacK Spider Halloween Cake:

Black Spider Halloween Cake

Black Spider Halloween Cake via Pag Asa

Zombie Fingers Halloween Cake:

Zombie Fingers Halloween Cake

Zombie Fingers Cake by Desert by Candy

Halloween Vampire Bat Cake:

Halloween Vampire Bat Cake
Halloween Vampire Bat Cake by My Own Sweet Thyme

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