My First Five Twitter Followers

Twitter is fantastic, but soooo slow!

I’m not sure, but I assume the sequence of Twitter is right. I’ve developed a very slow way (more or less) to quickly scan my Twitter followers (from bottom to top): It does take a little bit of copying and pasting, but the result is nice: You get a faster loading page than the actual page on Twitter Twitter | People Who Follow HappyHotelier:

No Avatar Twitter ID Site
5 wilhelmus William Bakker
4 globetrotteri Carrie Marshall
3 stephenjoyce Stephen A. Joyce
2 roadup Jim Stanger
1 travelrants Darren Cronian

These people are my first five Twitter followers.

Three of this Five I’ve met IRL (In Real Life).  And I like them! …Like I said: “Twitter is fantastic”

8 thoughts on “My First Five Twitter Followers”

  1. I like the moniker you gave me; it’s apt 😉

    Yes, I see what you mean. Scobleizer has also been complaining about this. A lot. I do, however, think you can divide your followers into groups on apps such as Tweetdeck or Twitter Karma.

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