#Schiphol: Turkish Airlines 737 Crashes with 135 Passengers on Board: Few Casualties – Correction 10 dead 60 Injured


Published 12.19hr PM

Approximately 11.3110.31hr AM local time a plane of Turkish Airlines crashed shortly before landing on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS).

According to an eyewitness and this picture there was no sliding or skidding. The plane didn’t have enough speed and literally fell out of the air. Immediately passengers started to leave the plane.

There are some bodybags, probably 4 to 5 dead and many wounded people.

Off course Twitter was among the first to bring this news. See: Search Twitter #Schiphol.

Update 1:
Amsterdam University Hospital reports 7 heavy wounded passengers. Dutch Television Live coverage

Update 2:
At a press conference at 01.00hr PM it was announced there are 9 dead and 50 passengers injured. Some of them heavy.

Update 3:
Reportedly 4 crew and 2 pilots among the dead and 4 passengers as a 10th dead was confirmed at at Amsterdam University Hospital.

There is an English language Blog: Schipholcrash.web-log.nl.

Here is a link to traffic control radio shortly after the crash:

Here is a sketch of the crash location:


Update 4:
According to CNN Twitter was the first to spread the news. And here a link to IReport with some photos:

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