Gurushots All Over The World Team History

Start of the All Over The World Team

From time to time I’ll update this page

Gurushots is a game where you submit photo’s to certain competitions. For instance the competition is about flowers and the idea is you submit good photo’s of flowers you made yourself. Competetitions can last from a couple of hours to a month. The one with the most votes wins. A second way of winning a competition is your photo getting designated by a Guru, earning a socalled Top Guru Pick. You can play it on a desktop, a laptop or an Iphone or Android smartphone.

I was playing the game already 2 or 3 years when Gurushots invented the possibility to participate in certain games with teams rather then as a single person. That happened in the beginning of 2020. From then on you could play as a singel person or with a team. Teams can not play all games a single person can play. Originally teams were max 10 persons, later it became max 20 persons.

Then teamplaying was a new invention of the Gurushots game and it came just in time to keep many people busy in Worldwide pandemic times. Via the chat you could meet new people wholike yourself were bound at home in Quarantine.

The First Match of the team All Over The World was somewhere in May, 2020. I joined the team by accident (I walked in) just before its second match:

Screenshot of the results of the first team match of AOTW

Screenshot of the second match result with me in the team with Merel Zosja and Emma.

Soon thereafter many more players became members of AOTW.

From the beginning the idea was let people walk in and see how we match.

After some time we formed a Facebook group and a Facebook chat as the GS chat was very simple. Later the GS chat  became a bit better.

Who is Who?

Somewhere in begin June then members Vic, Darren, Carl, Mike Alden
and I started to see similarities in some portfolios. We asked ourselves what would be the matter.

I did some detective work and found similar photo’s:

This benchsitter appeared in three Portfolio’s:




The owls in two portfolio’s:



The poles in two portfolio’s:



The Raspberry in two:



Together with then members Mike, Darren, Carl and Victor I formed a secret FB  group without Merel, Emma and Zosja, to share our suspicion with the other members and to share the similar photo’s.

We believed it to be similar photo’s and there were three separate persons who were in one way or another related. Friends of family and frequently taking phot’s together. However, the more I looked to the screeshots I had taken the more I came to the conclusion it were the same photo’s…

You could ask why we formed a secred group. The reason was that all team members were after  a certain period of time where they had shown to be active members, granted team leader status. We were starting to like the team and each other and feared that the three when confronted would kick everybody else out and start all over again. Something we did not want as a result.

Just before we could confront the three, Emma, Merel and Zosja disappeared from the team and if we looked them up we could not find them on GS either

I had contact with Merel via FB and found out she and Emma and Zosja were all three banned from Gurushots. The indication she got from  Gurushots why they were banned was that she, Emma and Zosja had infringed the copyright rules by using each other photo’s. It turned out Zosja and Emma were alter ego’s of Merel.

At that time there was no rule from GS (yet) you were not allowed to have two or more accounts.

Merel had started a new account immediately after she had been banned.

The team was divided as to accept Merel again as a member of the team. Minimum Master was the team rule then and could not be altered, so the question did not play immediately. Anyway Merel was interested to re enter the team she had started…

The Team Logo

Mike had an idea to have all team members show the same team Logo derived from the logo of the Electric Light Orchestra accordingly several members adopted same. Darren created a template.

(In)Famous Team Members

This guy I don’t know the name of anymore. Actually he is the sole infamous member who we kicked out because he was constantly rude in the team chat.


Mike is Mike Alden
He is a British subject living in The Netherlands (Vinkeveen) I met him once when I invited him for a tour in a boat through the center of The Hague where I live. Then I also met his girlfriend who is a Gurushots player herself…

The second AOTW team

After some time 4 players found AOTW not aggressive enough and formed their ow team

AOTW Addicts consisting of inter alia

Darren, a British subject living near


Victor Chaw


Mike Alden


The second offspring is AOTW Click

The third AOTW Resort

In November 2023 I stepped out the team to get a bit of time to regenerate my enthusiasm for the teamplaying. I found out the AOTW click team had almost desintegrated to 3 and 2 members…. Darren, Merel and Vic were in a new team W H Y