I Blog – Five Years Already!

I was too busy to notice it myself, but my first blog post dates back to June 5, 2004.

Rather than looking back in detail, which might be a bit boring, I’ve decided to finally complete the English translation and enhancement of my first ever power point presentation.

Ifitt had asked me for a presentation in Dutch for their Dutch day of Enter09, their annual conference. The 2009 edition was held in Amsterdam in January, 2009. The brief was to tell something about the do’s and don’ts by a blogging hotelier. Look for yourself:-)

Am curious to have your reactions:-)

8 thoughts on “I Blog – Five Years Already!”

  1. Hey Guido,
    Nice to see you get the chance to share your enthusiasm on Blogging in workshops as well. 🙂
    Enjoyed reading a bit more on your background, tax laywer, I wouldn’t have guessed!
    Looking forward visiting your hotel one day!

  2. Thank you for sharing that with us. I enjoyed the early photos and the points you make about blogging are very true. I am just in the early days, but continue to learn more and more each day through reading articles like this.

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