1) Introduction

I lost this page “About Happy Hotelier” when I migrated the site from one server to another server.
Beginning 2016 I all of a sudden remembered having exported half of the blog to WordPress.com as a sort of extra precaution for losing it, despite the fact that I have a Vaultpress backup in place here. At WordPress.com it is hidden off course.
More important is that I was able to retrieve all old comments. As this is the page with the most comments

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2) About You!

Before I give you some insight in my background, I would like to ask you, distinguished reader of this Blog to comment to this page and introduce your good self with some of your own background information. I – and possibly your fellow readers- would like to know who you are! Please feel free to promote yourself here shamelessly and even to rant about what I write or wrote.

Thank you for your cooperation!

3) About Happy Hotelier

Until the end of 2013 a happy doorman, bellman, concierge, front desk agent, technology engineer, limo driver, valet parking attendant, city guide, Sargent at Arms and photographer at wedding ceremonies, cleaning boy, gardener, pond- and central heating technician, personal assistant, butler, cook, designer, developer and owner of a small and very luxurious Hotel in The Hague, The Netherlands: Haagsche Suites that I operated together with my wife.

Hence a Happy Hotelier with a keen interest in new developments in luxury travel, luxury hotels, luxury B&B’s, architecture, design, travel- and hotel gadgets, guest satisfaction, web design and web promotion of travel sites and hotel- and accommodation sites.

About some of these items and other things that interest me or are useful, I blogged already two years as co author on the Dutch language Blog: Weekendhotel.

And here is a -rather noisy interview- thanks to Phil Caine in March 2008 at ITB08 in Berlin:

4) My aims are:

  • Making interesting Weekend hotel posts available in the English Language;
  • Addressing issues not suitable for Weekend hotel;
  • Giving foreign visitors of The Netherlands and of the cities The Hague (Den Haag), Amsterdam, Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam a bit more insight in the Dutch accommodation scene, Dutch idiosyncrasies and (Dutch) things to do;
  • To offer a platform for my own musings on several issues including some hotel reviews.

5) A Weekend Hotel

A weekend hotel is usually a small, independently (mostly family) owned hotel. It offers personal care, service and attention. Usually it has a personal touch of design and can be located in a historic building or an unusual building. The site Weekendhotel has a collection of such hotels in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The accommodations vary from simple comfy to over the top Luxury.

6) Launch of Happy Hotelier

It became time to address a wider audience in the English language.
Happy Hotelier went public in August 2006. Translations of the Weekend hotel Blog posts dated before this date will keep their original time stamps.

7) My first English Interview

In March 2007 Paul Johnson published an interview with me on his A Luxury Travel Blog.

8) Other Places, platforms, syndications, gremia and communities where you can find me:

9) The Wandering Educators Interview

And not to forget a lengthy interview with Wandering Educators

10) Last, but not least, read the interview I gave to Paper Li:

Look at the Paper Li Blog for another interview.

55 thoughts on “About”

  1. Geachte Her Hotelier,

    This is a fantastic resource. Your viewpoint and the way you have organized the site are both refreshing.

    We are walki-talki.com, three guys who entered the digital walking tour market at its infancy. I would say that we are still inventing the market after about two years of development.

    A web site like yours is something to which we aspire. It’s useful and relevant, and that’s exactly how we hope to be perceived by our customers.

    So far, so good. People buy our tours. 🙂

  2. Hello Happy Hotelier,
    I want to thank you to take the time to visit The Hague Daily Photo and comment on it. I also want to tell you how I appreciate that you wrote a post about this month earlier this month. Your travel blog is wonderful, rich in diversity and very instructive. I wish I had sometimes more time to get deeper into my own posts…. I’ll definitely come back regularly to your blog.

  3. Hi Happy Hotelier,
    I’ve seen you on Twitter and the T-list. I’ve registered and here’s a little about me:

    Nancy writes a travel column, What a Trip for the Contra Costa Times Lamorinda Sun, a publication of Media News Group. She is a BootsnAll Insider for California and has contributed to insideBayArea.com, Uptake.com and Write to Travel blogs. She is a member of Bay Area Travel Writers (BATW), BlogHer, Matador and Travelwriters.com. She also owns a public relations consulting business.

    Wendy Perrin of Conde Naste Traveler’s Perrin Post would probably agree that Nancy spends way too much time reading travel blogs.

    Stop by when you get a chance, http://www.Nancydbrown.com

  4. Happy Hotelier,

    As a marketer for TIG Global on their newly developed Web 2.0 team, your blog has been invaluable for direct and indirect insights about how we can use blogs and other networks in order to more effectively serv our clients, and in turn, serve their guests.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading more from your blog!

  5. Dear HappyHotelier,

    I deeply admire your press blog and most probably the way this drives traffic to your hotel. There are not that many hoteliers that do use these tools (press blog, SEO, SEM, E-Marketing) although I am convinced that it is the future. To say it in dutch : geweldig!
    I discovered your blog after analyzing hotel press blog on the search engines (as we developed one ourselves in order to drive traffic) and I was suprised by the professionality and the way it can work……I would be delighted to keep in touch
    een nederlandse ‘hobby’ hotelier gesitueerd in Wenen, Oostenrijk

  6. So I resistered and got the password, but now what?
    (What is the password used for? Maybe to post this comment?)

    I discovered your site from Nomatic Matt’s site. I was looking at your “T-list” and have a question as to the categories:

    I am attempting a global humor adventure blog, which is validated by my business card title…that I created.

    Have you ever thought of a category that would highlight really entertaining sites (like mine???).

    Thanks, frankg

  7. Hi Frank

    Yes, good question, yes very good question: The registration question was originally intended to facilitate life for those who would like to comment. After a couple of comments those registered could comment freely…until some of my fellow travel blogging friends started to complain signing in is too time consuming… ha, now I ended up deleting a couple of 100rds of spam posts every day. But I do get more comments. And you? You ended up signing in without much to gain…but I have added you to the 300 spreadsheet:-)

    Nice meeting you anyway!

  8. Hi Happy Hotelier,
    I just write you a short note to let you know that I read your weblog with a lot of interest lately and cannot resist to inform you about our website with unique and Trendy Hotels in Europe. It might be worth visiting and putting a link to our site at your blog: http://www.trendy-hotels.nl.

    Best regards,


  9. Cool Capitals
    Hi HH,
    I hope you are well, when I saw your site, happyhotelier, I liked it and believed you may be interested in this project.
    We’re promoting a video campaign for CoolCapitals.com, and we would love you to get involved.

    CoolCapitals is a new tourism site made to inspire Americans to travel to the less trodden tourist cities.
    In this film Vienna, Valencia, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Zurich are highlighted,
    all offer a cool mix of old and new culture, but most of which have yet to be fully discovered.

    The film shows off these beautiful cities using a European exposé TV format as a backdrop,
    in which we uncover the scandalous truth about Francine Fliess, “The Husband Collector.”
    Francine has been charged with polygamy for having 5 husbands in 5 different European cities,
    which I think you’ll agree is a pretty unique angle to take for a tourism film!

    Check it out here, [link deleted]
    where we have various embed options that are suitable for blog posts and sidebar spaces.

    We would like to pay you to embed the video and so that your readers know that it’s commercial, the item should be marked as ‘Sponsored’.
    Viewers would not leave your site when watching the video, and we would provide you with suitable accompanying text.

    Many thanks, I hope you are interested in this opportunity,
    and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards
    Toby Young

  10. CC
    Although I like the idea, I’m not (yet) taking it.
    First I want to plod on as long as possible without taking ads.
    Secondly….I’m here to sort of promote my city Den Haag (AKA The Hague or ‘s-Gravenhage) which CC doesn’t promote (yet?)


  11. Hello Happy Hotelier!
    I love your website – I’m particularly obsessed with unusual and interesting hotels and have a list of those I’d like to stay at at some point in my lifetime.
    We recently launched a travel planning website and related blog.
    Come take a look!

  12. Hi,
    Great site, what a resource for quaility travel destinations and sites. Also love the off topic posts e.g. hard drive dock. I would love to stop by your hotel for a night sometime, it looks amazing.

  13. Happy Hotelier, ik schrijf nog wel voor 2 andere online magazines, http://www.shoppen.blogo.nl en http://www.ladygadgets.blogo.nl, maar het was voor mij niet meer te combineren: mijn schrijfwerkzaamheden voor 3 online magazines en het stewardess zijn. Maar ik wil zo af en toe graag een bijdrage aan Happy Hotelier leveren, want ik ben nog steeds werkzaam in de reissector. Laat het me maar weten. En ik vond het leuk om te lezen dat je me miste ;). Groeten Constance

  14. Hi Happy Hotelier,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to guide, inform, and entertain us. I really enjoy reading your blog and on more than one occasion it has inspired the theme of my own blog.

    You’re on my blog list and will certainly remain there. If only one person clicks through to you from my site then it’s worth it!

    How do you find the inspiration for such interesting articles? It takes me forever and a day to find interesting articles for mine!

    Well… If you get a second, please take a look at:

    Any advice for a newbie blogger would be gratefully recieved!

    Many thanks once again!


  15. Hi Emma,

    Thank you for coming by.
    I know your site.
    Wanna know how? because of your comment to the Vibeagent blog shout out to my version of the T-List
    As a matter of fact you are researching an area that I’m interested in as well.
    As every hotelier knows, finding the right software is always of importance to enhance your business. Go on and enlighten us please.


  16. Hi Guido,
    It’s a pleasure meeting you via Twitter. I’ve just done a short tour around your blog and it’s great. It’s easy to see when someone does something with a lot of passion.
    About myself: I’m based in Amsterdam. I went on a five month solo round-the-world trip last year and, like many, maintained a blog of that trip – you’re most welcome to check out that blog (http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/velvetescape/1/1218023520/tpod.html) It’s a long but fascinating read!
    When I returned to NL, I decided to start my own blog that would be filled with everything related to travel that interests me – haha! That’s a really broad scope I know but everything I do comes from the heart and I think that matters the most. Luckily there are some that share my interests! 🙂 You can visit my blog at http://velvetescape.com/blog
    Anyway, great to link up with you. Hope to stay in touch via my new best friend Twitter!

    Best regards,

  17. Hi Happy Hotelier!

    While I’m writing to tell you about our hotels, I found your blog to be very engaging. In fact, I even forwarded three different photos/blogs to friends who I know will appreciate them!
    Okay, now for the hotel part. I’d love for you to come and stay with us if you are ever in one of our neighborhoods (Portland, Ore., Seattle, Wash., and Tacoma, Wash.) though it does seem that you do mostly international travel. They are NOT your typical hotels. All of them are boutique and have a deeply integrated art theme. I’ll give you one example and if you are interested, feel free to ask me about the other hotels or if you want to see photos.

    The new Hotel Murano (named after the island off of Venice which is famous for it being the origin of glass art) in Tacoma, Wash., (30 minutes from Seattle) features more than 45 glass artists from all over the world. Our curator traveled the globe and chose emerging and established artists to be in our hotel which has a very modern and international design. Each guest room floor features one specific artist. When you get off of the elevators, there is a glass art wall where an artist image and a mission statement are etched into the glass and next to it is a final masterpiece by the artist. Down the corridors, there are photos of the artist making their craft and in the guest rooms, there are sketches that the artist completed before the actual glass piece was made. http://www.murano.com

    We want it to be educational (and will publish a book shortly!) helping our guests understand the various techniques in glass art. We have very talented artists who are just starting out and we also have very accomplished artists, such as Costas Varotsos from Greece – and we are only blocks from the Museum of Glass. I have included a news release and full artist list below.

    If you are ever in the Pacific Northwest USA…let me know!

    Our other hotels are Hotel deLuxe and Hotel Lucia – both Condé Nast Traveler Gold List hotels for 2 years running – in Portland, Ore., and Hotel Max in Seattle.

    Thank you for your time,
    Dina Nishioka
    Public Relations Director
    Provenance Hotels
    An Aspen Company
    503.295.2122 x223 office
    503.784.9485 mobile
    Hotel deLuxe ~ Hotel Lucia ~ Hotel Max ~ Hotel Murano ~ Hotel Preston
     Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

    News release:
    Provenance Hotels Opens its Fifth Art-Themed Hotel

    Tacoma, Wash. – Amidst Tacoma’s rejuvenated downtown, the new Hotel Murano offers a hotel experience unseen internationally. With glass gathered from international artists; high design by corsostaicoff; luxury amenities, such as an iPod Menu and Spiritual Menu; and an ideal location, the Murano quenches one’s thirst for art and comfort. From its exterior entrance where Costas Varotsos – internationally renowned artist – has created a 104-foot, large-scale masterpiece of glass called “Orizon” (horizon in Greek) conveying a relationship to the horizon and water to the interior where art is deeply integrated in function and design, the hotel will stimulate anyone’s artistic sense.

    More than 45 artists from around the world are showcased in the hotel from the lobby to the guest rooms making every step in the hotel an artful journey. As its intent, the Murano will educate and inspire guests with its pool of international talent and individual story of each artist.

    On every guest room floor, the visitor is greeted with a highlighted artist, his or her story and a final masterpiece. A walk down the corridor and into the guest rooms relays the inspiration and process for the featured piece of art. The most creative and innovative glass artists were handpicked for the hotel from the very established to the burgeoning talent, including: Rick Beck (U.S.), Martin Blank (U.S.), Peter Bremers (Holland), Lucio Bubacco (Murano, Italy), Anna Carlgren (Sweden), Dale Chihuly (U.S.), Cobi Cockburn (Australia), Steffen Dam (Demark), Maurizio Donzelli (Italy), Miriam de Fiore (Italy), Alberto Gambale (Italy), Susan Taylor Glasgow (U.S.), Allison Kinnaird (Scotland), Steve Klein (U.S.), Karen LaMonte (Czech Republic), Dante Marioni (U.S.), Massimo Micheluzzi (Murano, Italy), Tobias Mohl (Denmark), Andrea Morucchio (Murano, Italy), William Morris (U.S.), Catherine Newell (U.S.), Masayo Odahashi (Japan), Pat Owens (U.S.), Flo Perkins (U.S.), Peter Powning (Canada), Narcissus Quagliata (Mexico), Orfeo Quagliata (Mexico), Seth Randal (U.S.), Ross Richmond (U.S.), Bruno Romanelli (Italy), Davide Salvadore (Murano, Italy), Deborah Sandersley (U.K.), Preston Singletary (U.S.), Vibeke Skov (Denmark), April Surgent (Australia), Cappy Thompson (U.S.), Jessica Townsend (U.K.), Bertil Vallien (Sweden), Costas Varotsos (Greece), Janice Vitkovsky (Australia), Janusz Walentynowicz (Poland), Richard Whiteley (Australia), Hiroshi Yamano (Japan), Brent Kee Young (U.S.), Dana Zamecnikova (Czech Republic) and Toots Zynsky (U.S.).

    Sophistication meets warmth with flat-screen televisions and iPod docking stations for sleek lounging, glass-topped vanities; custom, hand-blown bedside lamps; only-the-most luxurious beds and scrumptiously self-indulgent linens, along with clean contrasting colors – providing an artful and comforting experience after a long day of travel.

    To further capture the artful intent of the hotel, the Murano will publish a book telling the individual stories of every artist featured that will be available to guests and visitors alike.

    With BITE – the hotel’s restaurant – and lobby bar, the hotel hopes to be a center of social and business activity in the Tacoma area. The downtown Hotel Murano is located steps away from the museum district and the theater district, and immediately adjacent to the Tacoma Convention Center. It is only 20 minutes from Sea-Tac International Airport and 15 more to Seattle.

    About Hotel Murano
    Like its sister hotel in Portland, Ore., the Hotel Lucia (Travel + Leisure’s Top 500 Hotels in the World and Condé Nast Traveler’s Top 100 Hotels in the World) or the Hotel deLuxe (Condé Nast Traveler’s Hot List and Top 100 Hotels in the World) in Portland, Ore., the Hotel Murano (1320 Broadway Plaza, Tacoma, Wash., 98402 – 253.238.8000) will be unique in the Northwest with its art-inspired design and magnified focus on personal guest services. In addition to the Hotel Lucia and the Hotel deLuxe, the Hotel Murano’s family (www.provenancehotels.com) also includes the Hotel Max in Seattle, Wash., opened in October of 2005 and the Hotel Preston in Nashville, Tenn., opened in March of 2004. For more information, please contact Dina Nishioka for details at 503.295.2122 x223. Also, visit http://www.hotelmuranotacoma.com for updates.


  18. Hi Guido,

    it was a pleasure to meet you personally on ITB Berlin, because I have been reading your blog for a long time. Shamelessly promote myself? No problem – http://www.escapio.com is the leading German booking platform for exclusive and handpicked hotels, from 5 star luxury to the country hideaway. With my English co-writer Holly, I write the Escapio blog (http://en.escapio.com/blog) with author columns, hotel tests and everything that is appealing about events & style around hotels. If you like, follow Escapio on twitter and become a fan of the Escapio fanpage on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/pages/Escapio-Hotels/169347665693) Kindest regards, Gesa

  19. I am a new blogger writing about my travels and experiences and one thing I noticed is that it is hard to generate traffic. I have submitted my site to Yahoo and Google, but browsing through some tips on getting traffic, I understand having a site like your link to my blog would do me a lot of good. Would it be possible for you to link to my blog? I would be happy to reciprocate. My site is http://travelandtweet.com. You can email me at blog.ranger[at]gmail[dot]com

  20. Wij zijn een pr bedrijf in Vancouver, Canada en wij zijn zijn gespecialiseerd in toeirsme. graag zouden wij je op de hoogte houden dmv press releases. neem eens een kijkje op onze site en die van de door ons vertegenwoordigde bedrijven en mocht je interesse hebben..wij houden je graag op de hoogte.
    wij hopen van je te horen!!

  21. Hello Guido! My name is Sylvie Laitre and I stumbled upon your site while doing some blog investigating this weekend. Am in the process of starting my own “Mexico Travel’ blog and found Happy Hotelier on a list of top travel Blogs around the world. Congratulations.

    My company is http://www.MexicoBoutiqueHotels.com

    We are a collection of 46 unique, intimate properties located in 26 destinations throughout Mexico. Our group has existed for 10 years now, membership cannot be bought (we handpick each hotel) and we have, by choice, decided to focus only on Mexico.

    I live here and so experience the delights this country has to offer every day. If any Mexico-related questions ever come up, I’d love to be a resource for your readers. Whether or not it actually has to do with my hotels or not.

    Again, congratulations and I hope to be in touch.


  22. @ All:
    Welcome all new commenters!

    I saw you plodding around this site via my Woopra screen and assume you have visited more than once or that you use woopra already because woopra gave me your name and I was able to prevent your comment going down as spam:-)
    Good luck with your new venture!

  23. Hi Guido,

    I thought you would be interested to hear of the recent launch of the travel website http://www.travelhedonism.com

    This website has extensively researched the most trendy, hip and charming hotels, restaurants, bars and beach clubs in Europe. The result is a personal travel concierge service with exclusive recommendations and tips for 27 indulgent destinations!

  24. Happy Hotelier,

    My name is Phil and I am the Tours Manager of a website that sells audio downloadable tours of UK cities. Our five London tours are available in French, German & Spanish.

    I enjoy reading some of your posts and looking at your pictures of sculpture and innovative furniture.

  25. Beste Happy Hotelier,

    Graag nodig ik je uit je weblog gratis aan te melden op: http://www.ondernemerslog.nl

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    * Vanaf het moment dat je weblog is geregistreerd zullen alle nieuwe blogs automatisch op Ondernemerslog verschijnen

  26. Greetings, and great blog!

    Just wanted to reach out — apologies for attempting to borrow the “T-list” concept.

    And I’m from Flemish stock — here in the States, and now HAVE to learn the language…

    As for me, lead dog at brand consultancy Area 224 and also part of the team launching Social Media Realty Pro. (http://socialmediarealtypro.com)


    Dave Van de Walle

  27. Hi,

    I’m Camila Moran from Perú and I work like a webmaster by a webiste about tourism in Perú
    and I asked if you wanna change links between your page http://www.happyhotelier.com/ and one directory that i have, yes, is like a no reciprocal links.

    Are you interested?

    Please answer me to this emails

    Have a nice day.


  28. We like very much your blog and motto “The Happier the Hotelier, the Happier the Guest!”. We also try to make hoteliers happy by offering a free hotel directory to list hotel websites and a free hotel page to publish hotel news at http://www.hotelbeam.com which is becoming a very strong website amongst hoteliers and guests.

  29. I am not as prone to self-promotion (despite the inherent need as a writer!) so I’ll keep it short. Bit by the writing bug young and the travel bug later in life. The blog originated when I left Manhattan life to live in a tiny village on the side of a mountain in New Zealand and, still in its infancy, will hopefully grow to include many more New things.
    And (since you requested):

  30. Hello, I found your site though Google as it is related to my own travel site. I wanted to ask if you would be interested in a link exchange as I have some high ranking travel blogs many with a PageRank of 3 or more.

    I have a list of my sites here: http://www.migranchile.com/mysites.html

    I have been swapping links for while now and have found it very beneficial to search engine rankings for everyone. If you are interested just mail me back and I can show you my sites and hopefully give you some links asap.

    Thanks for your time.

  31. Hello Happy Hotelier,

    Thanks for a great blog. I really enjoy your writing style – as ever a lesson in the English language from the Dutch! But who are you, I hear you cry! I’m BoutiqueSpain and aim to provide visitors with the best selection of boutique, luxury and quality small hotels in Spain – particularly in the lesser known regions.

    Thanks and all the best,
    ps You did say shameless 😉

  32. Hi. Thanks for the invite to ‘shamelessly’ promote our site, and thanks also for the interesting blog content.

    So what do we do? We have a blog all about making your holiday preparation stress free – it provides hints and tips about travel plans, passports and packing. It particularly focuses on specific preparations for travelling with medical conditions. We want our blog to help provide our readers with the relaxing holiday that they deserve, and ensure they can travel with complete peace of mind. The information and ideas in the blog are gathered or written by AllClear Travel, a specialist travel insurance company, providing insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Please take a look at our blog here http://www.globebloggers.co.uk.

  33. Hi thanks for letting me ‘shamelessly’ post my new creation that im so very proud of its my cast iron roll top bath website displaying my one and only bath so far!

    I am hoping this type of bath would be something a hotel would like to purchase. What do you think ?

    cheers Rich

  34. Hi,

    I looked at your blog and think its a great place for some of the hotels I represent to be featured on. If you could send me an email address I would love to tell you more about them. Thanks.

  35. Hi, I am a first-gen hotelier with a 50 room property, MISTY MOUNTAIN RESORT , in the tea gardens of Munnar , Kerala,India … I was just looking for tips on blogging , promoting my resort online etc and was ‘guided’ to your blog thro’ Guillaume’s http://www.hotel-blogs.com... and thank you for the really interesting content !
    I am not very NetSavvy, havent startd to ‘tweet’ yet and RSS feed and the like does sound like Greek , but wud love to not only promote my resort internationally ,but to make a conscious effort to learn online ( via blogs like yours ! ) and help our company grow into one of the best hospitality ventures in “God’s Own Country” .
    To more such ‘happy’ hoteliers and happier guests then ….

  36. Hi

    I am trying to find hotels that have humour in their design or decor. Can you think of any?



  37. Well I have just discovered this blog via a travel forum. Better late then never.
    Now I am going to sit back and read some of your postings.
    If you are ever in Galicia Spain you will be more than welcome to visit us. We area Dutch/English couple running a Casa Rural you maybe know this a B&B.
    I hope that Askimet does not block me off!

    Best wishes Ian and Irene

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