The 2009 Winners of the Lonely Planet @LPlab Awards for Best Travel Blogs


Further to my anouncement:

It’s not now officially published (yet – at least as far as I know-), but. Matthew Cashmore of @LPlaps has twittered the results of the awards ceremony in Sf live.

  1. Best Destination Blog
    Go Visit Hawaii
  2. Best Expat Blog
    Notes from Spain
  3. Best Consumer Travel Blog
    Intelligent Travel – Nat. Geographic
  4. Best Travelogue
    World In Slow
  5. Best non-English Travel Blog
  6. Best Spanish Language Blog
  7. Best French Language Blog
  8. Best Italian Language Blog
  9. Best Micro-blogging
  10. Best Video Blog
  11. Best Themed Blog
  12. Best Image Blog
  13. Best Group Authored Blog
  14. Best Podcast:

and the over all 2009 Lonely Planet award for Best Travel Blog is for:

Congratulations to all winners! And: Tough for all losers, but you’re all great!

Note: if you compare these results with the outcome of the public voting round, it is clear that the judges really did have something to say in this procedure.

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