Pension Manfred Klaus, Weingartsgreuth Germany

Manfred Claus

Today a short review of Pension Manfred Klauss, because one of our Austrian relatives called for their address and I want to be able to find its address back here at my blog.

This little Inn (“Pension” in German) is located between Wurzburg and Nurnberg in Germany.
This is about half way between The Netherlands and Vienna in Austria which we visit frequently. It is also nicely half way if you like to go skiing in Austria from The Netherlands.

We have stayed there many times. It started more than 40 years ago when my parents in law stopped for a couple of hours of sleep at the Motel Steigerwald next to the gas station Steigerwald along the A3 / E45 motorway in Germany, see the map. The motel had no vacancies and the attendant at the gas station directed my father in law along a rural back road (actually only allowed for local traffic) that brought him just 500 m from the motorway to a very peaceful little inn operated by his parents in law. The gas station attendant still works for the gas station (more than 40 years now) After his father in law passed away, his wife and his mother in law still run the place. Last December I stopped at Steigerwald under way to Vienna to refill my car and I visited them for a cup of coffee, while I offered the hostess a couple of roses to stress our enduring relation. In recent years we use to fly more than to drive to Vienna so we see each other less.

They offer you a very clean bedroom with a good bed nice crisp sheets and an excellent breakfast. I if you arrive late, you can buy a nice bottle of local wine: The Wurzburg Nurnberg region has excellent wines that the locals like so much that you can hardly find them outside the area. All for a very decent price. So although it is not a luxury hotel, it offers you the luxury of a clean comfortable bed to crash in and go on with your traveling. In addition, in a nearby restaurant they serve excellent food. Reservations for both the pension and the restaurant are recommended.

Off Topic
This is my first post from a computer with the Linux operating system. It is the Suse 10.3 distribution. It is a steep learning curve, but I am glad that I may be able to say good bye to the Windows operating system….

3 thoughts on “Pension Manfred Klaus, Weingartsgreuth Germany”

  1. Good luck with the Linux changeover Guido. I’ve dabbled in the past but there are still too many ‘big’ programs on Windows that I can’t get on Linux (eg stats packages) so I’m stuck with Windows for a while.

    The times I did use it though, it probably taught me more about Windows and computer systems generally than I ever expected!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Stephen,

    I know I still may have to do some things in Windows, but now I am mad enough with Windows to devote time with getting deeper into Linux.

    In addition, for part of my work I still use MS DOS programs under a windows 98 SE shell, simply because those programs are faster.

    I am now trying to get the best of two worlds: VM Ware Over or under windows and/or linux and one shell for a win 98 SE virtual machine.

    The main reason? I started using installing and using Novell Netware back in 1986. Since then the server has never let me down 365/365 service. The problems are with the workstations….printers…photoshop…and windows.

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