Hoesch Water Lounge – Luxurious Chaise Lounge And Bathtub Hybrid – Born Rich

This wonderful tub concept has been designed by NOA Design for Hoesch. The Hoesch Water Lounge is actually a chaise lounge and bathtub hybrid that flawlessly merges the soothing qualities of a lounger and a bathtub into a single product. The fully transparent tub side panels are supported by a metal construction that reveals the exceptional design of the whole thing. The chair features little gaps to allow bubbles that will comfort you. Moreover, the tub filler is integrated into the 1.4 meter high swiveling halogen lamp. I am all impressed with the neat and graceful make of the Hoesch Water Lounge. This water lounge looks to be a perfect example we can quote to describe a luxury bathtub.

Found it at Born Rich, but it appears Born Rich isn’t interested in baths anymore.

Just another hobby of mine: Designer Bathtubs

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