Wanna Become a Celebrity Hotelier?

The Happy "Celebrity Hotelier"
The Happy "Celebrity Hotelier"

3 ways of becoming a Celebrity Hotelier

  1. You have celebrities who become hoteliers – think Robert de Niro or Bill Gates-,
  2. You have hoteliers who become celebrities – think Andre Balazs or Paris Hilton (provided she can be considered a hotelier at all), and
  3. You have Incognito Hoteliers who host celebrities.

Thus far I belong to the third category.

Am I a celebrity Hotelier?

Recently @Jill Love; of Buy Cruises commented she would fancy me in a Smoking (Tuxedo if you whish, but Smoking is the French term that we use in here in the Netherlands as well), after I had confessed online that I’m a (cigarette) Smoking Hotelier.

Somewhere in my tweets with her I mentioned that I had to look after celebs in the hotel. Her comment inspired me to make this self portrait, when I had to attend a formal venue in Smoking (or Tuxedo if you wish) recently.

If Google says so

Then, totally by accident, I searched Google Images for Celebrity owned Hotels and Celebrity Hotelier and Celebrity Hoteliers and found my own face between the first images that came up and found other photos I published on this blog also showing between the first search results. Even photos that have nothing to do with these search terms.

It made me ask myself: “Do you wanna be a Celebrity Hotelier?”.

My answer to this question is: “No, not necessarily, I’m perfectly happy to remain an Incognito Hotelier catering celebrities, but it could be very well in the interest of Haagsche Suites to become a Celebrity Hotelier in order to attract even more celebrities and other fine guests.”

Testing my case

One and another made me put together this little SEO experiment to see whether it is possible to make Google believe that I’m a Celebrity Hotelier and make it a self fulfilling prophecy πŸ™‚

PS: Today I repeated the search and my own face disappeared from the image search results, but still various and sometimes totally off topic photos from this blog are appearing high in the search results. We will see what happens.

Update May 26

The experiment seems to work: After some 6 hours Google had picked it up and upped my ranking for several search terms. The ranking differs per Google server (as usual). Now I’m uploading some well tagged photos to Flickr. See what will happen! It may be too much πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Wanna Become a Celebrity Hotelier?”

  1. Since comments, too, appear in Google search results, I have to say that I believe that everyone is talking about you now as a celebrity hotelier. Isn’t Haagsche Suites the hotel where celebrities go to see and be seen with other celebrities, including the sometimes-publicity-shy Happy Hotelier?

    This is what I hear, anyway.

    Hope this SEO-helps:)

  2. Guido, you look dashing in that tuxedo! You will always be the Celebrity Hotelier to us. You are a man of style, distinction and discretion. In short, a celebrity who knows how to be celebrity’s best friend.

  3. Thank you Dennis.

    When I checked the search again I landed bam wham on number one in the ordinary search at Google for “celebrity Hotelier” and for “celebrity hotliers” so the experiment proves to work:-)

    However one small correction: Haagsche Suites is the place for celebrities who don’t want to be seen or rub shoulders with other celebrities. My lips remain sealed!

  4. Lol, I thought you mentioned ‘Celebrity Hotelier’ an awful lot in that post – there’s another one for you!

  5. Nice idea, Guido…I always love a good Google experiment. You’re already near the top of page one for the term “hotelier” – so you’re doing great for “celebrity hotelier.” It would be interesting to see if this brings more celebs to your Suites, but I suppose you couldn’t tell us. πŸ˜‰ I hope the experiment goes well for you nonetheless.

    And yes, you look great in a tux!

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