Cory Doctorow on Copyright

Found it at his site Craphound

Here’s the 32 minute video of my presentation at last month’s O’Reilly Security Conference in New York, “Security and feudalism: Own or be pwned.”

Cory Doctorow explains how EFF is battling the perfect storm of bad security, abusive business practices, and threats to the very nature of property itself, fighting for a future where our devices can be configured to do our bidding and where security researchers are always free to tell us what they’ve learned.

Kind of funny Youtube says:

This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.

Probably they will take the video down in the near future…

Gorilla High Five

I gave it a High Five (number 11)

High Five (10): Don’t Hack your son’s FB Account, Body functions, Unfavorable Blog Commenting and a Balloon Rescue Kit


High Five Time:

  1. A mum who hacked her son’s Face Book Account faces Harassment Charges according to AOL.
  2. As every blogger is facing flaming comments, this guest post on Problogger gives food for thought and/or action: The Day I Was Flamed At My Blog (And 7 Steps To Handle Flames With Grace).
  3. I had a post in mind titled “The Art of Breastfeeding”, because the photos at this post The Most Obscene Debate On the Internet seem too intruding into the mother’s (or the baby’s) privacy imho, but there are so many layers to that I refrained from it.
  4. At Quite Alone there is that debate about to pay or not to pay to pee or to store cabin luggage…Wee shall overcome. Airlines are getting cheap, Really!
  5. At Yanko design a Rescue Balloon Kit by Jaeseok Han was suggested to prevent you getting lost in a jungle trek.

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The Breastfeeding issue kept me thinking until I found this hilarious photo which was on auction recently at Phillips de Pury and Company:

High Five (9): Hotels, chosing them, keep contact with your guests, sell photos and use posterous


High Five Time again!

I finally managed to get 5 hands copied into one photo! Hurray! Two links are to posts I had to wipe from the recent Carnival of Cities edition I hosted here.

  • Discovered a new blog dedicated to hotels Oh Hotel. Curious whether the author (not much info on the blog) will be able to continue this effort. Many times I find a new blog and shortly thereafter they cease to exist…
  • Phil Byrne presents Top Ten Tips For Choosing A Great Hotel Deal Online posted at Cheap Hotel Chains.
  • 10 must have tools for communicating with clients. If you want to be organized, you may find a tool you like here.
  • Maybe helpful if you want to sell your beautiful photos online: Fotomoto – Sell your photos on your own website: Commerce Without Conformity!.
  • 10 reasons why Posterous is better than Tumblr | blog till you drop!. Am now testing it by trying to import a Tumblr account into posterous…but it seems posterous is having a hiccup.

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High Five (8): 5 Reads for Travel Bloggers


Long time no see my High Five. I’ve decided to pick it up again: It is a great way of getting ideas and finds across quickly and to declutter my meandering mind an my backlog of drafts (currently over 80).

  1. Sheila explains to those who want to engage a travel blogger what kind of breed travel bloggers actually are. {OOPS! it seems at the moment of publishing this post the blog of Sheila is not entirely in order…here is: a Google cache link}.
  2. Scott Kelby gives some great tips about taking photographs when traveling (or blogging) in Shooting. As you can see me doing with my “high Five” logo, I’m trying to further myself in the oh so difficult Adobe Photoshop ins and outs…even a copy and past is not easy…I want five high fives, but thusfar only was able to create 3…
  3. I discovered fellow Dutchman Joost van der Valk (AKA Yoast)’s WordPress SEO – Definitive Guide To High Rankings For Your Blog, excellent read.
  4. Same Yoast has 40 WordPress Optimisation tips. Also worth considering. However it confuses me no end whether I can use these tips together with my new theme…
  5. For the next skiing holiday to consider: The best Ski-Hotels worldwide | World’s Luxury Guide.

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High Five (7): Tools, Translating your Blog posts, Abandoned Cities, Hotels and a Love Letter

Gorilla High Five

Time for a new High Five (6):

  1. 15 Tools for Monitoring a Website’s Popularity, if you’re interested.
  2. In Building a Tourist Community Website With WordPress: Multilingual Contents and Translations Guest Blogger Amir Helzer gets the podium from Lorelle on WordPress to advertise his affordable I Can Localize human blog translation service. OMG this reminds me I have abandoned the translation plugin in entirely because it didn’t work well.
  3. Abandoned cities, in case you would like to visit them…sometimes the result of economically poor times..
  4. Lonely Planet’s founder Tony Wheelers lists his 10 Hotels of 2008 Interesting, from a room at $ 12.- and upward.
  5. Love letter to a reluctant traveler. Com on couples do travel to energize your relation!

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