High Five (9): Hotels, chosing them, keep contact with your guests, sell photos and use posterous


High Five Time again!

I finally managed to get 5 hands copied into one photo! Hurray! Two links are to posts I had to wipe from the recent Carnival of Cities edition I hosted here.

  • Discovered a new blog dedicated to hotels Oh Hotel. Curious whether the author (not much info on the blog) will be able to continue this effort. Many times I find a new blog and shortly thereafter they cease to exist…
  • Phil Byrne presents Top Ten Tips For Choosing A Great Hotel Deal Online posted at Cheap Hotel Chains.
  • 10 must have tools for communicating with clients. If you want to be organized, you may find a tool you like here.
  • Maybe helpful if you want to sell your beautiful photos online: Fotomoto – Sell your photos on your own website: Commerce Without Conformity!.
  • 10 reasons why Posterous is better than Tumblr | blog till you drop!. Am now testing it by trying to import a Tumblr account into posterous…but it seems posterous is having a hiccup.

You can find more high fives in my category High Five.

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One thought on “High Five (9): Hotels, chosing them, keep contact with your guests, sell photos and use posterous”

  1. This is what Phil Wrote :

    Hi there

    Many thanks for including our article ‘Top Ten Tips For A Great Hotel Deal Online’ in your High Five.

    You’ve sent some good traffic our way and it’s nice to know someone knowledgeable is reading our articles!

    You write a very fine blog and you may just have inspired me to try the Burning Man festival….

    Best Wishes

    Phil Byrne
    Cheap Hotel Chains

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