High Five (8): 5 Reads for Travel Bloggers


Long time no see my High Five. I’ve decided to pick it up again: It is a great way of getting ideas and finds across quickly and to declutter my meandering mind an my backlog of drafts (currently over 80).

  1. Sheila explains to those who want to engage a travel blogger what kind of breed travel bloggers actually are. {OOPS! it seems at the moment of publishing this post the blog of Sheila is not entirely in order…here is: a Google cache link}.
  2. Scott Kelby gives some great tips about taking photographs when traveling (or blogging) in Shooting. As you can see me doing with my “high Five” logo, I’m trying to further myself in the oh so difficult Adobe Photoshop ins and outs…even a copy and past is not easy…I want five high fives, but thusfar only was able to create 3…
  3. I discovered fellow Dutchman Joost van der Valk (AKA Yoast)’s WordPress SEO – Definitive Guide To High Rankings For Your Blog, excellent read.
  4. Same Yoast has 40 WordPress Optimisation tips. Also worth considering. However it confuses me no end whether I can use these tips together with my new theme…
  5. For the next skiing holiday to consider: The best Ski-Hotels worldwide | World’s Luxury Guide.

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6 thoughts on “High Five (8): 5 Reads for Travel Bloggers”

  1. Always want to keep my readers a bit off balance:-)
    Skiing just happens to be one of my passions. Moreover, yesterday and today it was not “that warm” over here. I even watched some TV (#F1 and #French Open) today:-)

  2. And anything from SEOBook I think is a site full of great tools to help with SEO.

    As for skiing – I have just had two wonderful days skiing with the family on Coronet Peak (Queenstown) with lots of natural snow topped up by a few centimetres of “Armani” man made each night.

  3. @ Dan
    I didn’t realize the importance of your comment. Now, after I have uploaded SEObook’s Firefox plugins I’m beginning to understand a bit more about it’s importance. Awful good tools! Thanks! Every Blogger should have it.

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