High Five (7): Tools, Translating your Blog posts, Abandoned Cities, Hotels and a Love Letter

Gorilla High Five

Time for a new High Five (6):

  1. 15 Tools for Monitoring a Website’s Popularity, if you’re interested.
  2. In Building a Tourist Community Website With WordPress: Multilingual Contents and Translations Guest Blogger Amir Helzer gets the podium from Lorelle on WordPress to advertise his affordable I Can Localize human blog translation service. OMG this reminds me I have abandoned the translation plugin in entirely because it didn’t work well.
  3. Abandoned cities, in case you would like to visit them…sometimes the result of economically poor times..
  4. Lonely Planet’s founder Tony Wheelers lists his 10 Hotels of 2008 Interesting, from a room at $ 12.- and upward.
  5. Love letter to a reluctant traveler. Com on couples do travel to energize your relation!

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4 thoughts on “High Five (7): Tools, Translating your Blog posts, Abandoned Cities, Hotels and a Love Letter”

  1. Thanks for the link and recommendation to the guest post on my blog. (It’s spelled “Lorelle” by the way. 😀 ) It’s a unique hands-on experience shared between my readers and Mr. Helzer that I hope will help others in the tourism industry to understand the importance of blogs and how to build them for your audience, not just your needs.


  2. Amir

    I wiped the plugin from my memory and forgot about it. If you have an idea about a good translation plugin for WordPress I would appreciate a pointer.


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