High Five (10): Don’t Hack your son’s FB Account, Body functions, Unfavorable Blog Commenting and a Balloon Rescue Kit


High Five Time:

  1. A mum who hacked her son’s Face Book Account faces Harassment Charges according to AOL.
  2. As every blogger is facing flaming comments, this guest post on Problogger gives food for thought and/or action: The Day I Was Flamed At My Blog (And 7 Steps To Handle Flames With Grace).
  3. I had a post in mind titled “The Art of Breastfeeding”, because the photos at this post The Most Obscene Debate On the Internet seem too intruding into the mother’s (or the baby’s) privacy imho, but there are so many layers to that I refrained from it.
  4. At Quite Alone there is that debate about to pay or not to pay to pee or to store cabin luggage…Wee shall overcome. Airlines are getting cheap, Really!
  5. At Yanko design a Rescue Balloon Kit by Jaeseok Han was suggested to prevent you getting lost in a jungle trek.

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The Breastfeeding issue kept me thinking until I found this hilarious photo which was on auction recently at Phillips de Pury and Company:

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