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Today I discovered the nicely written Shortcut, A European City Blog with a nice lay out. It writes about 17 European cities.

It used to write about upcoming events, but nowadays in true web 2.0 style it links through to Yahoo’s Upcoming.

A pity Shortcut don’t feature The Hague.

Go enjoy yourself!

Added July 1, 2007
I changed the URL as they have moved to another provider.

Maximilian in Prague


Recently Hotel Maximilian opened after a renovation led by Eva Jiricna Architects who is based in London.

Its building goes back to the roaring twenties and was redone in the early days after the transition from communism and now again in 2006 to make it more of a design hotel.

70 standard / superior rooms, 1 suite equipped with a glasspartition- bathroom with a Philippe Starck-bathtub and shower. All rooms are with 15 cm diameter rainfall showerheads, ……and so on… to be concluded with: The rooms are sound proofed and mostly situated facing the courtyard.

I wonder how soundproof if necessary to mention this on the website?

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Victorian Beer Bathing in Hotel U Sladka

Beer Bathing

Health is a hot issue. Spas grow as mushrooms. This spring in Chodova Plana, Czech republic, the Hotel U Sladka with 7 Victorian beer baths opened in a local beer factory. Delicious Victorian frothing beer bathing in special local brew dark beer! See the Youtube Video

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