Sir Stirling Moss died at 90

Sir Stirling Moss, born 17 September 1929 died 12 April 2020 at age 90

An Obituary in the Guardian discribes his greatest victory in my opinion:

In 1955 Moss won the Mille Miglia, the gruelling time trial around 1,000 miles of Italian public roads, in a Mercedes 300SLR sports car (see photo of the 2019 Mille Miglia Rally Edition). During two reconnaissance runs his co-driver, the journalist Denis Jenkinson, prepared a set of pace notes that were inscribed on a roll of paper, held on a spindle inside a small aluminium box. As they charged from Brescia to Rome and back, Jenkinson scrolled through the notes and shouted instructions to the driver. They completed the course in 10 hours and seven minutes, at an average speed of 97.95mph – a record that stands in perpetuity, since the race was abandoned after several spectators were killed two years later.

After my retirement as a hotelier I’ve fallen in love with The Marche region in Italy. The Mille Miglia rally edition passes through The Marche annually in May (albeit it has been postponed until Oktober this year because of the pandemic). Three times thusfar I’ve photographed a day of passing the historic cars. I love it!

I wrote about the 1955 race of Mr Moss already in 2018

Chiesa di Santa Giustina in Ravenna

Chiesa di Santa Giustina in Ravenna

I was in Ravenna, Italy, and visited this unusual round church of Santa Giustina. It is named after a 3rd century Martyr Giustina who was murdered because she was a christian under the Diocletianus ceasarship. It is built on the remains of an earlier place of woreship. It is located next to the Duomo.

We make Soupe and Music

We make Soupe and Music at the Porc Festival in Italy.