Happy Hotelier's 10 Most Popular Posts of August 2008

Karen Bryan practicing Meet the Blogger when I showed her The Hague

August kept me busy here. I created a new Press page to keep track of trackbacks that weren’t catched by the system. Then I introduced my 10 Questions for: category that took a flight. I upgraded to WordPress 2.6.1 and it took some time to find out all its idiosyncrasies. Furthermore I realized an all time high of 27 posts. Resulting in a lot of “ten” posts:

  1. 10 Questions for (4): Karen Bryan of the Europe A La Carte Blog
  2. 10 Expat Blogs about The Netherlands
  3. The Hague Revealed – A Local’s Perspective
  4. 10 Questions for (2): Lara Dunston of Cool Travel Guide
  5. 10 Questions for (1): Jennifer Knoepfle of Better Living hrough Travel
  6. Motel One: Wrong Name for German’s Ultimate Designer Pod Hotels?
  7. Rotterdam City Welcomes Back SS Rotterdam
  8. Street Art (1) Istanbul Cow Parade
  9. Happy Hotelier’s High Five (4): Abandonned Cities, Cool Things To Do
  10. CitizenM Hotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Opening (2) – The Room

In editing this post manually via an export of my woopra stats I realize I have to look for a most popular posts plugin….any ideas, dear readers? Furthermore I have deactivated the Woopra plugin that lets you read the stats in your dashboard…much too slow!

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