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Lolita’s Lust Entrance

A text from FilmGirl at 00.00 hr AM: “Dad Are you behind the computer?”. FilmGirl is roaming Toronto.

“Yes” My text back (always trying to be as short as possible, usually much to her and the other ladies of my household’s annoyance).

Mobile rings: “Sorry, but I cannot touch a computer, can you Google Lolita’s Lust for me please? I need the addres urgently” Dad complies and thinks: What in hell is Lolita’s lust?”

Following quote from a review gives some insight.

By: Riverside Magazine

Gone are the days of wondering if Lolita’s Lust is really an adult bookstore. Glass doors that open in the summer to create the feeling of a larger patio have replaced the painted green windows. This funky bar and restaurant was opened about ten years ago, but for the past three years this has been the domain of Sam Scanga. Raised in the restaurant industry this is old hat for Scanga, and with Sydney Bleicher back on the floor it is a great mix of the old and the new.

Mabel and I are given a booth and promptly order the martinis that are the restaurants namesakes; the absolute lust – really the marguerita of martinis, and the Lolita – a new twist on the old French martini, both delish at $8.95. As we sip our martinis Sam fills us in on what’s new, and what’s to change. The windows will see some covering for the winter, but nothing as severe as a coat of paint.

Lolita’s Lust Review by – Reviews from Dine.TO..

Ha but Filmgirl shall have to write her own review now:-)

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