Street Art (1): Istanbul Cow Parade

Istabul Asus Laptop Cow
Istanbul Asus Laptop Cow

Catching up, because there are many posts in statu nascendi (draft form), but every time I want to catch up , something else draws my attention.

I always wanted to start a Street Art Tag.

This summer Istanbul served as background for the Cow Parade. I took some pictures in September. The three best of The Istanbul Cowparade I would like to share with you.

Istanbul Latte Cow
Istanbul Latte Cow

I had seen Artsy Cows in other cities in the past, but I didn’t know is what a serious organization and what a mass of cows were already shown around the world by Cow parade.

Istanbul Paparazzi Cow
Istanbul Paparazzi Cow

Photos © Happy Hotelier, off course Yours Truly Happy Paparazzi:-)

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