High Five (5): Abandoned Cities, Cool Things To Do,

Gorilla High Five

Here are Happy Hotelier’s High Five (4) for:

  1. 20 Abandoned Cities and Towns by Weburbanist…a real horror story about abandoned locations with nice photos and a Digg Hit.
  2. 50 Things To Do Before You Die. Self explanatory.
  3. Cool Things in Random Places. In line with the previous find: Quirky things to do.
  4. Delicious Baby with a delicious list of female travel bloggers….I’m inclined to make a list of male travel bloggers…
  5. Market in Maastricht. A colorful post by an expat about visiting the market in Maastricht, which is a very good Dutch travel destination in itself, although many foreigners believe Amsterdam is the only city you have to visit in The Netherlands.

About Happy Hotelier’s High Five
Happy Hotelier’s High Five is a meant as a gesture of appreciation to fellow Bloggers who blog about travel and are sometimes referred to as members of the “T-List” or other interesting Bloggers or Web Personalities.

The arms are usually extended into the air to form the “high” part, and the five fingers of each hand meet, making the “five”, hence the name, although Happy Hotelier’s High Five will always be a left handed one.

I will not publish it on a scheduled date. I will publish it each time when I have found five persons or sites or posts that I deem worthy a High Five. It even may imply me echoing old news here.

The Category Tag here on Happy Hotelier is High Five.

If you want to draw my attention to a post, please use the Contact Page or give me a message at Twitter

About The High Five Logo

I borrowed the photo of a sculpture from Lisa Roet, a sculptor born in Australia and currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia, because one of the main items on my passport is that I miss a big chunk of my right thumb, so my right hand is much alike that of an ape:-)

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