Chiesa di Santa Giustina in Ravenna

Chiesa di Santa Giustina in Ravenna

I was in Ravenna, Italy, and visited this unusual round church of Santa Giustina. It is named after a 3rd century Martyr Giustina who was murdered because she was a christian under the Diocletianus ceasarship. It is built on the remains of an earlier place of woreship. It is located next to the Duomo.

Mille Miglia

Anticipating my Mille Miglia day in May 2019:
I’m not a video man, but the Mille Miglia experience is hardly complete without video: This video proves it with the sounds of the various competiting cars….you can almost smell their exhaustfumes hearing them…

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How to Balance a Zhiyun Weebill Lab Gimbal

A Weebill is a small Australian bird. As the bird the Weebill Lab is very light and agile, but it has a learning curve.

Elf Electric Tricycle

Introducing you to alternative city transport: Elf Electric Tricycle. ELF standing for Electric Light Fun.

We make Soupe and Music

We make Soupe and Music at the Porc Festival in Italy.