Happy Easter!

Re using some old photo’s.
Curious if you can pinpoint the year of first use.
In these dire corona times we need some fun of an Easter Bunny inducing the little one to take a bubbly sip…

With as result the chicks can sleep through the rest of the day!

Twitter Twelve

Last Friday, March 13, I was told it was my twelfth Twitter anniversary. And I got a nice 12 picture. Better to post about that here than let it float out of sight on Twitter. Twitter is a nice communication tool, but it lacks the searcheability of a blog. However it is a nice tool to hone your arguments in some discussions. Usually I spend one or two times a day some minutes on it.

Birth of Hoteldesign.blog

Waiting for Granddad (who takes the photo)

Recently I celebrated my 70ieth birthday with a family lunch in a privately owned museum for contempory art. Then I realized I left part of my life, my love for hotel design, far behind me and decided to revive it with a dedicated blog. Here it is. It will go backward and forward in time.