Twitter Twelve

Last Friday, March 13, I was told it was my twelfth Twitter anniversary. And I got a nice 12 picture. Better to post about that here than let it float out of sight on Twitter. Twitter is a nice communication tool, but it lacks the searcheability of a blog. However it is a nice tool to hone your arguments in some discussions. Usually I spend one or two times a day some minutes on it.

Hello world! Happy Hotelier again on the New Server

This is the second installation on the new server after a mess up with a redirect into the cellar of nowhere.

I now miss a post that I had made in my prior installation on the new server, but as a compensation it seems I have my comment counts back and my categories…don’t understand what went wrong. But this seems workable…

Bare with me:-)

Update November 21, 2009:
I’ve found the post and manually inserted it here below.

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