The 5 Key Tools for Effective Facebook Marketing

I just came across this slideshow and wanted to pin it down for future reference and maybe you like the share.

Refreshing – Website only open during Office Hours

I didn’t believe it, when I read about it at at Tnooz, but this morning I noticed Hotel Haiku, referred to in my post Would you consider staying in a notel in stead of a hotel? really closes outside office hours.

What doyouthink?

Josiah Mackenzie at BTO

Buy Tourism Online 2010 – Josiah Mackenzie presentation

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Josiah Mackenzie at BTO

It was a busy week on the travel and social media front. First I would like to share with you the keynote of my blogging friend Josiah McKenzie @Hmarketinghelp of Hotel Marketing Strategies. at the Buy Tourism Online (BTO) conference in Florence. It’s an instructive introduction for hoteliers why and how they should be involved in social media.


Originally I’d embedded a great video here, but that sadly disappeared. Hence I’ve embedded Josiah’s slideshow.

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Flight Attendants taking the world by Social Media

It’s really fascinating how this little footage spreads all over the world in record time….

Update has the whole background story.

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Why you should visit Vienna

I’m not so much into video. However I created this “video”, actually more as a slide show with music, to see how that works when using picasa. It works well.

The second reason was I’d put together some photos of previous visits to Vienna and to ask my readers whether they would recognize some items.

Thirdly I used it to enter a social media competition by Radisson Blue.

The winner of the competition is my travel blogger friend Inga Rós Antoníusdóttir (@Inga_Ros) from Iceland who, with her hubby (@Hjörtur), has run an exemplary social media campaign to win this competition including even their own FB Group 5 Little Elves.

Amazingly there were 3 competitors from Iceland between the first 10 finalists. In total Radisson got over 10 k applicants….I would say it was a good example of a social media campaign, but what amazes me after all that Radisson doesn’t show anything anymore on their site from the competition itself. They could have made good stories and they generated a few good story lines and slogans…