Brilliant Hotel Marketing by Radisson Blu: The Greatest Holiday on Earth

I’ve entered the Greatest Holiday on Earth contest.

The Scandinavia based hotel brand Radisson Blu (Formerly Radisson SAS and SAS without Radisson) has launched this brilliant and simple internet driven Web 2.0 contest. The participants have to enter the competition with a slogan, 4 photos and possibly a video to explain why they deserve the price, 365 nights in one or more of the 200 plus Radisson Blu hotels. They win the price when they have received the most votes. The hotels of the Radisson Blu portfolio are basically located in Europe and the Middle East. The winner may use the 365 free hotel room nights in 5 years. A brilliant prize and there is a lot of buzz forming already.

Once entered the participants have to use their social contacts to vote for them. Mind you, every 24 hrs they and their contacts may cast their vote. The contest runs until July 24st.

Would you like to vote for me?

As we will never be able to take all nights ourselves, I’ve decided that if I win, I will throw 300 nights into a Travel Bloggers Camp somewhere in Europe so that 300 Travel bloggers can enjoy 1 free night for a two days event, or 150 Travel bloggers can enjoy two free nights for a three days event.

Com on travel blog friends let’s flex our muscles and show the world we can do this:-) Vote!

5 thoughts on “Brilliant Hotel Marketing by Radisson Blu: The Greatest Holiday on Earth”

  1. It’s a shame that they don’t offer airline, ferry or train fares as part of the competition prize! 😉

  2. @Darren
    You won’t need them if you decide to stay in one of their hotels for 365 nights. Do you?

    @Sojournrentals. Thank you!

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