New Face for Historic Hotels of the Benelux

Annemarieke van der Velden

Hospitality veteran Johan Neppelenbroek had set up Historic Hotels of The Benelux as a split off from Erfgoedlogies in order to enable this group of hotels to join the international network of Historic Hotels.

As of August 1, 2008 Annemarieke van der Velden (see photo) has taken over Johan’s position. Johan’s investment in the label has been taken over by the Eden Hotel group. Currently the Eden Group manages 17 hotels and 9 restaurants in The Netherlands. With this acquisition Eden is preluding on its expansion plans outside The Netherlands in due course.

According to insiders the fact that a single hotel group takes over the management of the association will not lead to a loss of member hotels.

Historic Hotels of the Benelux has 33 member hotels in The Netherlands en 17 member hotels in Belgium.

Historic Hotels of the Benelux is a member of Historic Hotels of Europe

Historic Hotels of Europe is a partner of Historic Hotels of America

I wish Annemarieke a lot of success with this new venture.

Shortcut: A City Blog about European cities

Shortcut logo

Today I discovered the nicely written Shortcut, A European City Blog with a nice lay out. It writes about 17 European cities.

It used to write about upcoming events, but nowadays in true web 2.0 style it links through to Yahoo’s Upcoming.

A pity Shortcut don’t feature The Hague.

Go enjoy yourself!

Added July 1, 2007
I changed the URL as they have moved to another provider.

Dutch Erfgoed (=Heritage) Hotels changes name into Historic Hotels of the Benelux


The association of Dutch Heritage hotels by the name of Erfgoed Hotels Benelux (erfgoed = Dutch for heritage) has changed its name into Historic Hotels of the Benelux. Its nice new brochure has already the new lay out. When everything goes all right, its old lay out of its website here above will change into the new lay out here below this week:


Historic Hotels of the Benelux is a member of Historic Hotels of Europe.

Historic Hotels of Europe is a partner of Historic Hotels of America and working together

The site was set up by Willem and Esme Vos: Willem has a background in travel and tourism and Esme in intellectual property law and Internet related matters.

We started Weekendhotel in April 2002 to help you find the best addresses for a weekend away. Like you, we became frustrated with typical booking sites that serve chain hotels desperate to dump their unsold inventory.

We were looking for something more personal and atmospheric, a site that would bring together the most charming hotels and B&B’s with character. Because we did not find such a site, we decided to create our own and was born.

How they work is explained more in detail here.

In order to enhance the usability of the site Willem has built a simple inventory database for available rooms that each hotelier can keep up to date. Thus the user of the site can easily make a choice for a hotel to stay. The only problem is the maintenance of the data. The Hoteliers have to keep the inventory up to date almost daily or at least each time the inventory changes. This in itself is a nightmare for hoteliers of a small size hotel/B&B, especially when he has to allocate inventory over several sites where rooms can be booked on line…. Consequently the inventory of Weekendhotel is not always 100% up to date.

In 2005 a couple of graduates of a Dutch Hotel School have set up (which is the same as in cooperation with the Dutch Horeca Association to which association many Dutch Hotels belong, in order to create a possibility for hotels and B&B’s to be bookable on line. Both via the sites of Hotelier, but also via a link with Hotelier through their own site. The hotels pay a moderate monthly fee for the use of the site rather than the commissions they have to pay to the bigger portals. The site grows and works satisfactorily. is more the content site and has details about approximately 1200 small Dutch and Belgian hotels and B&b’s and approximately 6000 unique visitors per day. is more the technically driven site that since inception has now approximately 600 participants including hotels belonging to chains or conglomerates.

Recently, the two have officially announced their cooperation whereby the site is linked with the inventory system of If the hotelier wishes to have his property on both sites, he only has to maintain his inventory on the site.

I am glad with this new development to which, in the background, I could contribute a bit.

Qbic: Dutch answer to Easy Hotel, Yotel and Hotel Everland


Begin November 2006 the launch of Qbic Hip Hotels was announced by Paul Rinkens, Rino Soeters en Marcel Voermans, the people behind Design hotel La Bergère and Hip Hotel St Martenslane, both in Maastricht, as the Dutch answer to cube alike hotel concepts as Easy Hotel, Yotel and Hotel Everland:

Qbic Hip Hotel Amsterdam Center (at WTC, Strawinskylaan 241) is anticipated to open in March 2007.

Qbic Hip Hotel Antwerpen (at Sint Paulusstraat 42 / Lange Koepoortstraat 6) is anticipated to open in June 2007.

Each Cube will cover 7 m2 with a living room, King Size Hästens beds, Philippe Starck design bathroom elements, TV, radio, safe and wireless Internet access.

With individually adjustable varicolored led lights guests can establish their own atmosphere. Easily changeable wall panels will give the guest the possibility to adjust the atmosphere further.

The lobby in Amsterdam will be designed by Feran Thomassen and for Antwerp by (i.e. Designers.Now!). They envisage a digital “concierge kiosk” where through an ‘i- touch’ screen guests can gather the necessary information about things to do, where to wine and dine and where to party, or to contact a Qbic staff member who will be available on site.

Also a self service shop is anticipated for all amenities and necessities.

Pricing will be done by the “the-earlier-the-reservation-the-lower-the-price” system and vary from Euro 39,- to Euro 139,-.

Realization by PRM.

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