100 sexless Artists – Would You believe Italians to be as Puritan as Americans?

It’s a pity for the English language readers that Gotz Primke of Le Gourmand writes in German only: He really offers good content and inspired me for this topic:

Charlier's penis of Christo, which comes with clue "Wraps in very special things".

Belgian artist Jacques Charlier has put together a veritable gallery of portraits based on conceptual analysis and personal interpretation of the “artistic attributes” of major representatives of modern and contemporary art, thus enabling, among other things, a humorous and satirical re-reading of recent art history. He had submitted 100 posters “100 sexes d’artistes” containing 100 more or less sexually tainted parodies of those 100 Artists for the 2009 Venice Biennial. His idea was to offer a clue and let the public guess who he was referring to. This photo points to Christo who wraps everything. However, both the curators and the mayor of Venice refused the posters as they feared the artists involved would be offended. Jacques interviewed all artists but one. They all reported to feel no offense.

Jacques protests with a site against this censorship and with an official vernissage (or is it venissage in this case?). See the above video.

The Brussels Museum of Modern Art backs his protest with an exhibition until September 13, 2009.

Now I wouldn’t have thought Italians to be as puritan as Americans. Would You?

This brings back memories of another protest at a Venice Biennial the one of 2005:


That of the Guerilla Girls against the “male chauvinist pigs” still ruling the Venice Biennial…L’Histoire se repete… Lol: yesterday it was 500 years ago that John Calvin was born…a sign of Calvinism in Venice maybe?

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  1. Hi Guido,

    thanks for this nice compliment. I am glad that I could inspire you for this lovely article.

    And yes, I know, I could have a lot more readers when writing in english. Or additional in english. But I don’t want to blame me with articles full of mistakes in english language. And I have not the time to write everything twice. Also I think that a german article translated by bablefish or Google Translator will not be the best.

    But alas, on the hotel blogs ranking my blog is directly behind yours. So this is a great result for me already. And I can go on writing in german. And sometimes in english or in french if I like to.

    Hope to see you soon again.

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