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Just to let you know I’ve moved away from after experiencing an appalling 9 hour 20 minute downtime on on December 29, 2011. I’ve moved to, an Irish company. Please note they are not the same company as the Poland based Dediserv.

My first impressions of Dediserve are excellent with a couple of caveats.

In a later post I’ll give a more in depth review and the caveats.

I will not become an affiliate of Dediserve as I’m not taking advertising for this blog. But even if I’ll introduce advertising here, I won’t become an affiliate. With hindsight I still feel trapped by the affiliation of a colleague blogger I stepped in when I moved to approximately 15 months ago – see my post To VPS or not to VPS?. I wouldn’t like to cause such disappointment as I’ve felt to any of my readers.

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