Happy 2012!

Happy Hotelier's Granddaugter and Grandson

It’s simply all about being and remaining Happy!

Look at this photo of our little princess, granddaughter (left) and prince, her cousin, our grandson (right) together. I see a lot of similarities between the two of them and with their parents – and their great parents off course;-). Grandson was born in 2011. Both took a lot of our spare time as hoteliers. And with pleasure.

Looking back a bit

So there was little time left for blogging: A meager 42 posts in 20011 as a result.
Last year my only resolution for 2011 was to catch up with my eternal back log. It simply didn’t happen.

Looking forward a bit

I’ve discovered a few tools that make life of a blogger easier. Therefore it is likely I’ll be able to keep my 2011 resolution as my 2012 resolution 😉

And what are you about to do? (or not to do?)

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