Happy Hotelier's 10 Most Popular in June 2008

Waiter Rant

Still satisfied with my Woopra experiments: Do You Woopra? You Should!. Here are my most popular posts of June 2008:

  1. Blogging Hotel Insiders. Augmented and ameliorated and to do with Hotels. I do like the cover of Waiter Rants’ Book. So I repeat it here: This photo tells you that many in the hospitality industry are not really interested in you as their guest…..
  2. My Page: Unusual Hotels. The one that concerns my main focus: luxury and unusual hotels.
  3. My page: T-List and L-List.
  4. Many visitors want to know about me. Actually I would like to know more about my visitors!
  5. Istanbul Museum of Modern Art: Times Present Times Past.
  6. Too Sexy to Fly Update
  7. Yotel goes to Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) and Yotel Gatwick’s First Guest reviews.
  8. Page 2 of this Blog
  9. Amsterdam CitizenM Opening (1)
  10. Dunglish and OffBeat Guides

Update July 3:
Sometimes I push the publish button too early. In this case I thought I pushed the publish button, but found out I had pushed the “private” post button.

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