Steve Jobs’ Super Yacht Venus unveiled in Aalsmeer – Dutch Design (63)


On October 27, 2012, one year after I shared the speculations about Steve Job’s unfinished super yacht,  his Super Yacht Venus has been unveiled in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands ( a stone’s throw from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport) at the Dutch Royal Feadship De Vries yard.

Imacs steer Steve Jobs Venus

Reportedly the yacht is operated via 7 Imacs. Very daring, I would say, to trust the software so much to have it reign a super yacht. Although I know Oracle’s Larry Ellison reportedly developed his own software to do same with some of his super yachts.

Source and photo’s: The Dutch language blog One More Thing

Dutch Design (62): The House of Victor and Rolf

Cloggy Viktor and Rolf dolls01

To show off that I am really taking my 2012 resolution serious, one from my back burner:

In 2008, while roaming London during London Design Week for art and design I was able to visit the House of Victor and Rolf exhibition in the Barbican. It is an amazing exhibition of 15 years of Victor and Rolf’s fashion in a nutshell. Dolls wear pieces of the several collections and all is combined with video presentations of the various collections. As far as I know the exhibition has run in several other places, but the whole collection of fashioned dolls are rumored having been sold to a collector. Which is a real pity.

I’ve featured a photo of the cloggy collection which is one of my favourites because they totally covered up the skinny models….

Speculations about Steve Job’s Unfinished Super Yacht “I” – (Dutch Design 61)

Steve Job's Unfinished Super i Yacht

With the demise of Steve Jobs all sorts of unconfirmed rumors appear as to the whereabouts of his unfinished super yacht, the design of which was commissioned to Philippe Starck a couple of years ago. Apparently Jobs has commisioned Dutch Royal Feadship to build the yacht. According to more rumors currently the hull is in Feadship’s Aalsmeer yard. As usual Feadship remains silent as to their clients details.

Would it look like the above rendering? (via Jameslist)

Steve Jobs Floating IPodOr more like a floating IPod? (via A Few Too Many)

Would it follow the design of Philippe Starck’s “A”?

Look like the Predator? (As Cult of Mac believes)

Feadship Qi
Or more be like Like Feadship’s Qi? Like Bootblog believes.

Like H2ome, built by MMGI? (via Gatsby Online)

Feadship X Stream
Or more like Feadship’s X Stream? Like IPad Info believes.

Speculation all over the place. I’m insanely curious, and you?

Dutch Design (60): Finally the Dutch (or Scheveningen) Beach Chair Revived!

Happy to see when I plea for a good cause, the revival of the Dutch Beach Chair, or more precisely the Scheveningen Beach Chair, – See Postcards from Scheveningen, a Plea to Revive the Scheveningen Beach Chair and see also my significant other blog Chair Blog – the plea is honored:-)

Marijn van der Poll designed this Kaigan chair for Dutch Office outfitter Ahrend. As far as I can see for indoor use, but hopefully they will develop one for outdoor uses as well.

Flipflop Project by Florentijn Hofman (Dutch Design 59)

Fat Monkey by Florentijn Hofman
Fat Monkey by Florentijn Hofman 2
Fat Monkey by Florentijn Hofman 3
I discovered the site of Florentijn Hofman, a Dutch designer specializing in great outdoor installations. This Fat Monkey was created out of flipflops at the occasion of the Sao Paulo Pixel Show. Would you believe the ordinary flipflop could be the source (pixel) of such installation?