Dutch Design (62): The House of Victor and Rolf

Cloggy Viktor and Rolf dolls01

To show off that I am really taking my 2012 resolution serious, one from my back burner:

In 2008, while roaming London during London Design Week for art and design I was able to visit the House of Victor and Rolf exhibition in the Barbican. It is an amazing exhibition of 15 years of Victor and Rolf’s fashion in a nutshell. Dolls wear pieces of the several collections and all is combined with video presentations of the various collections. As far as I know the exhibition has run in several other places, but the whole collection of fashioned dolls are rumored having been sold to a collector. Which is a real pity.

I’ve featured a photo of the cloggy collection which is one of my favourites because they totally covered up the skinny models….

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