Tukaani Chopsticks for Westerners by Lincoln Kayiwa


No, this has nothing to do with a diaper- or hair pin, although it looks like it.

Helsinki, Finland, based designer Lincoln Kayiwa has designed the sterling silver Tukaani, a hand made connected set of chopsticks for the clumsy among us. A killer tool for the Sushi aficionado.

The loop is the key element: It holds and let you manipulate the chopsticks and can also be used to hang, store and display the Tukaani.

Lincoln Kayiwa was born in an architectural family in Kampala, Uganda in 1979. He graduated as a Master of Arts from the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH in 2008. Upon graduating he started his own brand product design company Kayiwa. He currently lives and works in Helsinki, Töölö.

Via Design Boom.

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