Top 25 Travel Blogs of 102 ranked according to Alexa by Frothy

Top 25 Travel Blogs of 102  ranked by a another List lover Frothy blogs [ah had to delete the link as this is another member of my category “Dead Travel Bloggers Society” which I changed into Internet Graveyard later] according to Alexa with some need to of editing by me:

Blog/Company                                                        Alexa Rank
1  on my way to where                                                           8
3  Unforgettable Sydney                                                       8
4  Travel Blog                                                                   4,804
5  iWalk, u2?                                                                   73,398
6  Newyork Traveler                                                   92,771
7 Travel, Work, Life                                                     95,688
8 The BenSpark                                                           114,277
10 Emm in London                                                    129,292
11 Life of Justin                                                           147,325
12 Travel Blissful                                                        150,557
13 Extreme John Blog                                              160,683
14 Thailand Land of Smiles                                     171,848
15 Happy Hotelier                                                      181,641
16 Mimpikami                                                              195,432
17 Traveling Mamas                                                  201,648
18 Go green travel green                                          295,621
19 The Lost Boy                                                           334,111
20 My Trips                                                                  422,798
21 Irish Taxi                                                                 452,202
22 El Rinc?n de Edy                                                   488,528
23 Justwandering                                                       497,141
24 My Itchy Travel Feet                                         504,403
25 RengBA’s Terella                                                  505,561

It immediately demonstrates the relative weakness of this measuring method,  because the first 3 mentioned here are on Blogspot which is a site with millions of blogs….There are many more Travel Blogs on Blogspot. So when you go further with this without something else to measure you will end up with hundreds of Travel blogs ranking #8…..
I’ve added the category Internet Graveyard to this post as frothy passed away.
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9 thoughts on “Top 25 Travel Blogs of 102 ranked according to Alexa by Frothy”

  1. Just shows what crap Alexa still is and always has been. It can also be manipulated. My site has addresses in languages other than English (Chinese, German etc.) but Alexa measures all these as separate sites, doesn’t aggregate them – seemingly the reverse of Blogger.

  2. Yes, it seems somewhat dubious to consider the Antarctica Research Adventure, while I’m sure a riveting read, to be the 8th most popular site on the Internet.

  3. if they have they blogspot rank of #8 then they actually have no rank because they are not viewed as to have enough to traffic to be seperate from the main blogspot domain.

    plus this list misses, vagabondish, my site, and everything everywhere- all sites with an alexa below 100,000

  4. Not to knock the fact that Happy Hotelier made the list, but Alexa IS a silly ranking system indeed. No one should take it seriously. Way too many great blogs were missed in this case…

  5. Hiya, well completely agree that there are no ideal ranking solutions, but they can all be used as a benchmark. Congratulations on doing so well though 🙂

  6. Well, it appears that those of us who read your blog agree that you’ve earned a top ranking! Congratulations! (Howya been, by the way?)

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