The Hague: Wine – Food Tasting with De Gouden Ton in Restaurant Mero

A 2007 Pouilly Fuissé of Olivier Merlin
A 2007 Pouilly Fuissé of Olivier Merlin

Last night I was invited for a session with several wine producers who had us taste some of their wines in a short wine tasting session followed by a dinner with some of their best wines. It was organized by Dutch wine trader De Gouden Ton in Restaurant Mero, one of my favorite restaurants in The Hague. Mero is able to prepare excellent sea food and offer a no nonsense high standard level of hospitality that only few restaurants in The Netherlands are able to offer.

The first gem that caught my attention was a wonderful 2007 Poully Fuissé from Olivier Merlin.

More to follow.

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