My oh so Hurt Ego

Hurt, but not so badly
Hurt, but not so badly

A late – sure, he would insist on the “late”! – Baby Boomer Friend threw a party. He had invited Johnny and the Gangsters of Love to do a gig.

Johnny and the Gangsters of Love Jumping Around
Johnny and the Gangsters of Love Jumping Around

There we were with the whole bunch of Baby Boomers standing on the street in front of my friend’s house, when Johnny and the Gangsters of Love came around the corner in their 60ies Pontiac Bonville, installed the sound and started rocking and rolling from and on the Pontiac.

If you watch their trailer footage, you’ll understand why your’s truly got so excited that he started to Rock and Roll with – who else than – Dancegirl, Daughter # 2. He tried to throw her in a proper 360 degrees backward head over swing over his hip, lost his equilibrium and fell flat on his face. Not only that. As Dancegirl was just in the 180 degrees position of her swing, she also fell flat on her shoulder and face.

Luckily, apart from some bruises, scratches and blue spots, nothing serious happened.

But to realize you have to stop doing 360ies while rocking and rolling because your getting too old, hurts your ego! It HURTS deeply!

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