Sheep, Art and Travel Marketing Gurus

Today I was waiting for a bride and groom who had spent their first honeymoon night in our hotel, to check out. In the meantime I watched a highly inspiring keynote from marketing guru Seth Godin which he delivered at Ted. He tells the audience how Tribes are creating the most powerful relationships. I found it via a tweet from Chris Noble of Worldnomads in Todd Lucier‘s Blog Internet Marketing for Tourism.

Immediately I had to think of the following hilarious footage:

The message is that nowadays everybody can reach out and connect with people. If you do it with passion you can get results far better than the medieval kings of marketing that try to tell everybody what they need to have or need to do (the way they do it is considered to be spam in nowadays net etiquette). Create tribes that follow you and they will tell their followers what to have or what to do. You can do it! I can do it!

Lol… talking of travel marketing gurus… yesterday Susan Black confirmed even I can do it, as she counted me under 28 Travel Industry Gurus in a post where she quoted their opinion: Part II Why Travel Industry Gurus Love Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Sheep, Art and Travel Marketing Gurus”

  1. Mmmm, am I missing something here? Zappos looks like it is selling shoes to me! Perhaps commercialism took over his desire to bring like minded people together to discuss everything about shoes. Sorry to be so cynical. Just the same ‘ol stuff being repackaged. Ex MBA so maybe I have a different take on things ­čśë …and Michelle Kufmann demonstrating how to make cork mats from 200 bottle tops. She should have some sent to Latvia, where they would be totally useless. Maybe they are gumboots that don’t attract sand/dirt. I’m for architecture which melds form and function. I think I will go and create that movement…well actually I am doing it in interior design. Just need to work on the self promotion (joke).

  2. Um, as long as it takes to eat at the Boffi Norbert Wangen kitchen, I guess.
    Listening to one’s personal iPod music played on stunning Eclipse-TD speakers and subwoofer or watching HDTV on a Bang & Olufsen usually makes the pain bearable. So I am told ­čśë Hey, its only 101 square foot (9 sq metres)! Eight of my LuxPods could fit into one your suites, so having stackable stools is pretty important. The Bonaldo Dragonfly leather chaise longue makes up for it, I think, plus the one thousand quid Tempura mattress. Come and be my guest in South Kensington, when you are next in London, that’s if living in a Pod is an experience you are yearning for…better than any Yotel and they don’t have leather floors & a heated wetroom. PS I’m a challanger and congrats on your site. You obviously put a lot of work into it.

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