Twitter Romance? (#itb09 sequel)

Twitter Romance?
Yes it is there! You only have to have an eye for it!

The inspiration for this post started with a tweet from my Icelandic Twitter friend @Hjortur of Marketing Safari:


According to the Telegraph Jennifer Aniston has broken up with John Mayer,
because of his Twitter Addiction.

Whereupon I immediately answered: “She should have done this More Attention Please!“. (Due to some Twitter hiccups (as usual) the post itself is presently not available. Err not available in my Twitter stream, but I could find it back.) My post describes how a lady complains about the fact that her husband spends more time with his pc than with her. Reason why she has set up her own Blog and quotes:

My Blog with my nude pics receives more unique hits than the blog of my husband. This is my revenge. I wish he had more time for me than his PC

Quote from the famous Post Secret (10/12/2008 Sunday Secrets).
In the meantime Hjortur Retweets this:

And shortly thereafter this:

And Inga comments this

“Now why is this so Romantic?” You might ask

The answer is very simple – and I only realized it by checking out Inga after his retweet- : Hjortur is the Twittahholic of the family and Inga is his wife!

Imagine the long dark afternoons and evenings and nights in Iceland and a couple in one house: He with his pc and she with hers. Apparently Hjortur found the perfect solution for his addiction to Twitter and the possible impact that could have on his relation: He simply made his wife a Twitter aficionado herself and sometimes very romanticly twittering to each other. Moreoevr: if you read this post 15 years and 15 reasons of Inga about her relation with Hjortur, then you’ll know that Romance is okay with this couple.

“And what is the connection with #itb09?”
First: Hjortur would have loved to attend #itb09
Secondly: This couple in the same house tweeting romantically to each reminded me of the Bloggers Summit opening session at #itb09 where some 50 bloggers behind their laptops were twittering away to the whole world and each other, while they were introduced to each other. All of a sudden the moderator of the event suggested:”Maybe it is a good idea to look up from your computers screens and look at your neighbor and TALK rather than Tweet to him/her” which drew an Homeric laughter of the audience.

In the meantime I have suggested to Hjortur and Inga to start writing (or twittering) a Twitter Operette. She sings you know!

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  1. Yep Matt I did. I credited them in the post I am referring to, but you are right I should have credited them here as well. I did in the meantime.
    Update March 27: I took away the post secret photo. It was not functional here anyway.

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