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A post from my back burner (almost for two years now). I didn’t ditch it, because I see some analogies with destination marketing. In the present economic circumstances it is even more important to be able to think outside of the box.

The artist, Robert Arquer, does something with fish in a bowl. As any good modern artist his art inspires you to think…. Roger shows me various ways of thinking outside the box.

This project comprises fifteen different fish bowls that explore variations of the iconic image of a fish bowl.
Each piece examines a topic or suggests a solution to a different issue. In this project human qualities had been attributed to fish through the design. Thoughtful and yet playful

Under some of the photos (by Peter Mallet) I’ll give my own thoughts: Imagine you (or your accommodation or attraction) is the fish in the bowl…and your potential guests are out there…

Don’t piss me off

Do Not Piss Me Off, “tells us about the power to decide between the life and death of the fish”. This is very clear, also in a good economy you should never aggravate your potential guests.Those who threw the stop at you are your potential guests. But the most important message is: Go find them, because apparently they like you! Connect!


More or less the same idea: There are people out there who might fancy your accommodation or attraction. Go find them! They keep you afloat better although you might think you can swim on your own very well… If you don’t find them, you can hang yourself!


Do something surprising with your accommodation or attraction: It may attract those you need!

About Robert Arquer:

Roger Arquer was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1975. Graduated in Design at ESDI, Barcelona (1994-1998). A year after his graduation, he moved to New York City (1999-2003) to work as industrial designer. After New York, he moved to London to attend an MA in Design Products at the Royal College of Art (2003-2005). During the summer break in RCA he worked as designer in Zurich (Switzerland). He set up his own design practice in London after RCA.

Well done, Robert! Show us more of your work!

Via Dezeen | Fish Bowls

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