Like a Local

Like a Local is a sited developped by fellow Dutchman in order to accomodate the traveler who wants to enjoy the real couleure locale (French for local circumstances).

You can search for accomodation. You can find locals who are willing to take you on a city tour or who like to offer you a meal at their home. Off course they ask an amount to at least cover their costs for it.

Like A Local started solely devoted to Amsterdam, but is branching out over various European cities. When it started, it was a bit overhyped on the internet. Now it is slowly, but gradually building up momentum.

3 thoughts on “Like a Local”

  1. I like the look and the concept. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of travel? To see the world from another perspective, that of a local, to gain better understanding of other people and their lives–it creates lasting memories and promotes a global understanding of other cultures.

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